How to Trim Amazon Sword Plant

A common question that I am facing nowadays is- “Can you trim Amazon Swords?” Amazon swords are considered one of the most beautiful aquarium plants. Due to its high demand, hobbyists are adapting it. But often I can see that the aquarium holder cannot properly manage the plant.

As a result, the plant gets too larger and destroys the beauty of the fish tank or aquarium and creates other havoc. Recently, I have gotten the same question from a large audience that how to trim a sword plant. That’s why I am here to help you.

Though trimming Amazon sword plants is easy to maintain, you need to acquire some knowledge and skills before trimming them to avoid plant damage. Scroll down and get those points that you will need to know before trimming.

How to Trim Amazon Sword Plants- 5 Easy Steps

Using a Sharp Knife

Using A Sharp Knife to Trim Amazon Sword Plants

In the beginning, take a pair of sharp and clean scissors or pruning shears to trim the plant. Also, the equipment should be disinfectant with cleaning chemicals. This practice will not only make the plant look neater, but it will also improve its overall health.

Identify the Required Branch

Next, you have to identify which leaves you want to trim. Generally, it is recommended to trim leaves that have grown too large or are blocking light from reaching other parts of the plant. At the same time, diseased leaves and rotten leaves should be chosen for trimming.


Use the scissors or pruning shears to make a clean cut at the base of the leaf stem, where it attaches to the main stem of the plant. Be sure to cut at an angle, rather than straight across, to reduce the risk of damaging the plant.

Decide How Much to Cut

If the plant is particularly large or overgrown, you may need to trim multiple leaves. However, it’s important not to trim too many leaves at once, as this can put stress on the plant and affect its growth.


Finally, dispose of the trimmed leaves and any other plant debris and consider fertilizing the plant with a balanced liquid fertilizer to encourage healthy growth. Such fertilization will facilitate the recovery of the trimming stress in the Amazon Sword plant.

Hopefully, following these steps will help you to keep your Amazon Sword plant healthy and looking its best. If you still want a visual suggestion for trimming, you can follow the instructions in this video.

Why is Amazon Sword Trimming Important

In this portion, I will focus on some points that how Amazon Sword trimming will facilitate your fish tank or aquarium. 

  • Firstly, if you have a large fish tank or aquarium, then it will be easy to maintain an Amazon Sword plant as it is a fast-growing and large plant. But in the case of small aquariums, that are 10-12 inches, you will need to trim regularly to keep your plant fit for the aquarium. 
  • Secondly, large tank holders may also face problems in maintaining Amazon Sword plants. Amazon Swords can grow too long, reaching up to 20 inches in height. Besides, their leaves can spread out to cover a large area.

In this case, trimming the plant will help maintain a tidy appearance in your aquarium. Additionally, it will prevent the plant from overshadowing other plants and becoming visually overwhelming.

  • Thirdly, Amazon Sword plants are heavy feeders, meaning they require a lot of nutrients to grow and remain healthy. Regular trimming encourages new growth and helps the plant to maintain a healthy shape, preventing it from becoming too dense and blocking out light to other plants in the aquarium.
  • Fourthly, if left untrimmed, amazon sword plants can quickly outgrow their space and become too large for the aquarium. By trimming the plant regularly, you can keep it at a manageable size and prevent it from overcrowding the aquarium.
  • Finally, trimming the Amazon Sword plant can also encourage the growth of new shoots, which can be removed and replanted to propagate new plants. If you want to know how to propagate the Amazon Sword plant, these shoots are the best ways.

This is a cost-effective way to expand your aquarium plant collection and can also help maintain the health of the parent plant by reducing the amount of energy it expends on producing new shoots.

How Can I Understand My Amazon Sword Needs Trimming


Overgrowth of the Amazon sword

As a fast-growing plant, you should have a vast knowledge of sword plant trimming before planting. If your Amazon Sword is taking up too much space in your aquarium or overshadowing other plants, it may need to be trimmed. The plant may also start to look bushy or overcrowded which creates a barrier in the aquarium view.

Yellowing Leaves

If the lower leaves of the Amazon Sword start to turn yellow or brown, this may be a sign that they are not getting enough light or nutrients. Trimming those leaves can help redirect nutrients to healthier leaves and your plant will look more glossy.

Crowded Roots

Also, crowded roots need to be trimmed at a perfect time. In the case of excessively crowded roots, they may not be able to absorb enough nutrients from the substrate. At that time, trimming the roots can help the plant grow healthier.

Slow Growth

On the other hand, if you see that your Amazon Sword is not growing as fast as it used to or seems stunted, this may be a sign that it needs trimming. Trimming can help to promote new growth and improve the plant’s overall health.

Algae Growth

Lastly, you can get an idea of trimming by algae to grow on the leaves of the Amazon Sword. Such growth may be a sign that the plant is not getting enough light or nutrients. In this case, trimming will help the nutrients to reach healthier leaves. Consequently, the number of algae will be reduced and the plant will look fresh.

When is The Best Time For Amazon Sword Trimming

The best time to trim an Amazon Sword plant is when it starts to develop too many unhealthy or unsightly leaves. You can also trim the plant to keep it from growing too large and dominating your aquarium.

In general, it’s best to wait until the plant has grown to a significant size before you start trimming it. This allows it to establish a strong root system and develop a healthy growth pattern. Once the plant is well-established, you can begin trimming as needed.

How Much Should I Trim in an Amazon Sword

In this case, you may be confused about how much of your plant should be trimmed. Let me make it clear. When trimming an Amazon Sword, it is important to trim only a little bit at a time.

At a measurement, you should not remove more than one-third of the plant’s total length at a time. This is because removing too much of the plant at once can cause undue stress, which may lead to stunted growth or even the death of the plant.

When trimming an Amazon Sword runner, use a sharp pair of scissors or pruning shears to make a clean cut as close to the base of the plant as possible. Such a method will help to avoid any type of damage to the plant tissues.

Additionally, make sure to remove any dead or decaying leaves to prevent the spread of disease in your aquarium. Also, trim those leaves that are blocking light from reaching the lower portions of the plant.

Remember to also consider the overall size and shape of the plant, as trimming can be used to control the size and shape of the Amazon Sword. If the plant is becoming too large for your aquarium, you may need to trim it more frequently or consider removing it and replanting it in a larger tank.

Will Amazon Sword Grow Back Being Damaged?

Yes, Amazon sword plants can grow back under the right conditions. However, the extent to which they can grow back may depend on various factors such as the severity of the damage and the overall health of the plant.

If the Amazon Sword plant has been damaged due to trimming or pruning, it should grow back as long as the roots are healthy and there is enough light and nutrients available. However, if the plant has been damaged due to disease or pests, it may require additional care and treatment to encourage regrowth.

It is important to note that the Amazon Sword plant may take some time for the plant to fully recover and regrow. Additionally, providing the plant with proper care, including regular fertilization and water changes, can help ensure its continued growth and health

Do Amazon Swords Grow Fast?

Yeah! If you ask me to list down some fast-growing plants, I will put Amazon Swords there. They are known to grow relatively fast, especially when provided with optimal growing conditions. With proper care, an Amazon Sword can grow up to 1-2 inches per week, which is considered a fast growth rate for aquatic plants.

Several factors regulate this growth rate including adequate lighting, nutrient-rich substrate, regular fertilization, and a stable water temperature. In addition, pruning and trimming can also encourage healthy growth by removing any dead or decaying leaves that may inhibit new growth


How much height can an Amazon Sword grow?

Amazon swords generally range from 12 to 20 inches (30-50 cm) in height. In some cases, they can grow even taller if they have access to plenty of nutrients and light. Additionally, Amazon Swords are known to grow outwards as well.

Will trimming my Amazon Sword plant harm it?

No, trimming your Amazon Sword plant should not harm it, as long as you do not remove too many leaves at once. It is generally best to remove no more than 30% of the plant at one time to avoid causing stress to the plant.

What should I do with the trimmings from my Amazon Sword plant?

You can either discard the trimmings or use them to propagate new plants. To propagate, simply plant the cuttings in the substrate or float them on the surface of the water until they develop roots.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have found your answer through my article. Inexperienced trimming may reduce the growth of the plant as well cause the death of the plant. Even, I, myself, am the worst sufferer of this occurrence. That’s why you should study all the prospects and then start to trim your plant.

If you maintain all the aspects properly, the plant will get a nourished look and that will increase the beauty of your fish tank. Thus, you can continue your trimming process. So let me end here about how to trim Amazon Sword plants. Else, if you want to know about any more topics, you can notify me and I will try to serve you the best.

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