Chihiros Doctor vs Twinstar [Explained!]

If you own an aquarium, maintaining its cleanliness is a must. However, people often get confused between Chihiros Doctor and Twinstar to keep their aquarium clean. We totally get it if you are struggling with the same dilemma

So, Chihiros Doctor vs Twinstar– which one should you buy for your aquarium?

Well, there are several factors that set these two brands apart. First, if we compare their working mechanism Twinstar is better. But, Chihiros has better packaging. In the case of the installation procedure, Twinstar is easier to go with. But if looking for an affordable choice then Chihiros is better.

However, this little information will not do you any good. Hence, we prepared a detailed comparison between these two brands. This will help you choose one for yourself.

So, what’s holding you back? Let’s get into the good stuff, shall we?

Chihiros Doctor vs. Twinstar: Head-To-Head Comparison

In this section, we will be taking a sneak peek into the differentiating factors of these two. Let’s begin!

FeatureChihiros DoctorTwinstar
Working MechanismChihiros Doctor uses electrolysis to disperse active oxygen into the aquarium.Twinstar uses algae proliferation. They do so by exterminating algae spores.
PackagingThe packaging includes a computer control unit, a diffuser reactor, and so on.The packaging includes the IC unit controller, reactor ms, and so on.
InstallationIt should be installed away from the water extractor and in the lower part.It should be installed closer to the plants and on the upper part of the tank.
DrawbacksChihiros Doctor does not work on marine reef aquariums.Twinstar does not work on black brush or green water, also known as eugmeana. 
PricesIt costs around $65.It will cost you around $45.

Well, hopefully, now you have a superficial knowledge of how these two are different.

In the upcoming section, we will be covering these features in a more comprehensive manner. On to the next part!

In-Depth Comparison Between Chihiros Doctor and Twinstar

We already acquired some insights on the aforementioned factors in the previous section. Now, in this section, we will be discussing them even further.

Keep reading!

Working Mechanism

A reactor makes up the “Chihiros Doctor,” which is managed by an outer control unit. By discharging positive and negative ions while affecting the redox potential of the water, it electrolytes release active oxygen.

Additionally, it offers functional trace elements that support plant development at the loss of algae.

The Chihiros Doctor also eliminates suspended algae and several dangerous microorganisms. These include Coli, herpes, fungus, Aeromonas hydrophila, and others. 

It has a beneficial effect on the skin, surrounding tissues, gills, and digestive systems of fish and shrimp.

The Chihiros Doctor 3 in 1 operates autonomously 24 hours a day. Thanks to its pre-programmed algorithms that adjust based on the dimension and volume.

Whereas, Twinstar is a brand-new gadget that uses cutting-edge technology to prevent algae development.

Twinstar successfully prevents green algae without endangering the environment of the tank. It limits the spread of algae by eliminating the spores just at the point of spouting. This encourages plant development.

Green algae’s cell membrane is destroyed by the sterilizing effect of microbubbles. It also renders aerobic microorganisms safe and non-toxic. 

By preventing green algae from growing on plants, Twinstar also encourages greater marine plant development. Healthy plants may naturally starve algae and stop their growth by competing with algae for extra resources.

In a recently constructed tank, Twinstar’s impact on encouraging plant growth may be observed.

To make the water more useful to plants, this also stimulates trace elements inside the water.

Winner: This is a tough one. But we would say that Twinstar is a better choice in this regard since it resorts to a more natural procedure.


First, let’s talk about what comes along with Chihiros Doctor packaging.

With the product’s use instructions, we can immediately identify the computer control unit. It comes with a power button and settings for the 9 modes based on the size of the tank.

We can even see the diffuser reactor. It is much more subtle and undoubtedly more elegant than the previous models due to its design.

Then, there is one suction cup as well. The two velcros will be used to secure the computer to the outer part of the tank. There is a little suction cup for placing the reactor inside all located under the box.

It all comes together with the power adapter that has a UK or EU plug.

Now, let’s talk about what’s included with Twinstar packaging. First, you will notice a M3 IC unit controller in the packaging. You will also find a reactor MS along with it.

There are 2 suction cups included in its packaging. There is a generic power adapter and of course, an instruction manual.

Winner: Chihiros Doctor is a clear winner here. It has much better packaging that was really thought through by the manufacturers. 


The installation for Chihiros Doctor should be handled to the lowest portion of the aquarium. It should also be distant from the water extractor. This will guarantee a more efficient flow of reaction products.

Just simply connect it to an electrical outlet and turn it on. It will function on its own.

Now, attach it to the power source & hold down the power button for a few moments. After that, we have to select the feature that will be lit on the left.

For this, be sure to press the power button repeatedly. Most likely, it reads “PLANT – FISH – SHRIMP.” Lightly press it to adjust the volume.

If you are installing Twinstar, it’s important to understand its functionality.

Since it uses a natural process to work, it depends on the plants. And so, it has to be installed near the plants.

Also, we recommend that you place it on the upper part of the aquarium. This will increase its effectiveness even further.

Winner: Twinstar wins this round since it comes with easier installation.


Pricing is very important when buying ANYTHING.

You can buy a Chihiros Doctor 3 in 1 for about $65 from online stores. On the contrary, the Twinstar comes at a cheaper price of $45.

And that’s all about this comparison. Hopefully, this section provided you with in-depth insights into these two. 

Winner: Clearly, Twinstar wins in this feature. It is much more affordable than Chihiros Doctor. 

Which One Should You Buy?

Well, there is no definitive answer to this to be very honest. It all comes down to your preferences and needs.

When you are looking for a natural solution, you may go for Twinstar. However, if you want to tackle green water or black brush, it won’t be very helpful.

If yours is a marine reef aquarium, maybe Chihiros Doctor isn’t a very good option. But, it definitely works well if you want to fight algae solely.

When you have a tighter budget, go for a Twinstar!

At the end of the day, you have to analyze your needs and budget. This will help you to select the right one for you!


What Is A Sterilizer For Aquariums?

Aquarium sterilizers use radiation at fatal doses to eradicate free-floating bacteria. By bringing in and discharging aquarium water, they work similarly to filtration. IT is done by pumping water through a crystal tube and exposing it to intense UV light.

Should I Leave My UV Sterilizer On Constantly?

Every day, a UV sterilizer for aquariums needs to be turned on and running continuously. The only exceptions would be if you were setting up the tank first before the fish are still in it.

Does A UV Sterilizer Hurt Fish?

Well, your fish won’t die because of it. Fishes, corals, and crabs are all safe around UV sterilizers. The fish could experience some initial stress, but this is not very typical.

End Note

That’s all that we have for you today. Hopefully, now your confusion is cleared up between Chihiros Doctor vs Twinstar.

Make sure you buy from authorized shops for a warranty.

We will see you soon in another article. Till then, Happy Aquariums! 

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