Helfrichi vs Purple Firefish: Which One to Choose Wisely?

Growing fish is a hobby of some people. But not everyone is an expert as there are amateurs as well. So, choosing the right one can be crucial. Helfrichi and Purple Firefish are quite popular today. But it’s tough when you have to choose only one.

So, which one to choose between Helfrichi and purple firefish?

Helfrichi has a bit simpler growing stage than the Purple Firefish. Moreover, these fish grow faster than Purple Firefish. But Purple Firefish looks better than the Helfrichi. In addition, it also costs less to grow these fish. But Helfrichi needs a significant budget.

This is a quick comparison you got so far. So, read along to cover the detailed comparison we got here for you.

So, get started now!

Helfrichi vs Purple Firefish: A Quick Comparison

Helfrichi vs Purple Firefish Comparison

A quick head-to-head comparison always comes first. This is how you can get to the details gradually. So, here is a quick comparison table.

FeaturesHelfrichiPurple Firefish
Growth StageSimpleSimple
Growing TimeAround 25 daysAround 30 days
CostAbout $300About $80

Helfrichi vs Purple Firefish: A Detailed Comparison

You have already come up with a quick comparison. So, you can not get into the detailed comparison given below. Have a look.

Growth Stage

By this segment, you will understand how long it takes to grow these fish. In addition, you would understand how hard or easy it is to grow these.


Growing these fish is actually quite easy if you have worked with fish before. Even if you are an amateur or a beginner, you do not have to be worried.

Because growing this is not that hard at all. You just need to make an aquarium with around 12 gallons of dimension.

Make sure the fish container fills up with about 46 liters of water. You may keep the water volume a bit lower or higher. But do not go beyond the range.

You may make the aquarium a bit smaller or larger as well. So, growing these fish is just like petting a simple animal.

All you need is to feed them on time. You just need to feed them once a day. And remember it can be anytime whenever you want. 

However, it is better if you can fix a time for their feeding. Because this would let them know about their feeding time and help them grow faster.

Purple Firefish

On the other hand, purple firefish are a bit harder to grow and maintain. This is because their requirements to grow are not very typical.

You can actually grow them in an aquarium. However, you better use a pond that is small or medium in size. But if you still want to stay back at an aquarium, you can.

In that case, you must make sure that the aquarium is comparatively large. If you can make the aquarium at least around 45 gallons, it would be good.

In other words, 36 by 12 by 24 inches in dimension. Remember that maintaining a fish tank is not that easy, especially if it is large.

But counting on a few tips to maintain your fish tank could be convenient. This may help you to bear the cost at a low margin.

Whether you go to an aquarium or a pond, you need to remember one thing. That is, you better not put any other species of fish with these.

Because they grow better when they are alone. And these fish tend to die at times when they are around other species.

Winner: When you think of the growth stage, Helfrichi fish wins. Because these are easier to grow initially.

Growing Time

Here, you know about the time these fish take to grow. Also, you can get to know about their reproduction cycle and time.


Helfrichi fish generally take very little time to grow. A fish takes about 20 or 25 days to grow to be an adult. So, this is comparatively a very short period of time for fish to grow.

As a result, the reproduction of these fish is also relatively shorter. These fish take about a month at max to start breeding. 

They start laying eggs after about 30 days from their birth. So, the time is really short you can say. You can expect a few fish to make a big group of fish.

Purple Firefish

Just like the Helfrichi fish, Purple Firefish also take less time to grow. However, they take a bit longer actually. 

To be precise, these fish take around 30 days to grow. So, in order to be adults, these fish take 30 days or even more.

Just like that, these fish also start reproducing after a month. In about 30 to 35 days, they start breeding and laying eggs.

So, the time taken for this overall process is also small compared to many other species.

Winner: If you are thinking of the growing time, Helfrichi fish win. Because they take less time than the Purple Firefish to grow. 


This is something that you would definitely look at. So, here you go.


Helfrichi fish have indubitably distinctive and unique looks. They look really different due to their color and body size.

In fact, they have a single permanent color that makes them recognizable. The main color of these fish is purplish. However, the center part is a bit pale.

Purple Firefish

Just like Helfirichi fish, Purple Firefish are also great with their looks. You can be amazed by the beauty of these fish.

The color of these fish is not a single one. Although these fish are mainly purplish, they are also red and yellowish. So, you can expect to get multiple colors.

Winner: So, if you are looking at the fish, you would prefer Purple Firefish. Because these look better and have variation in the looks as well.


You need to think of the cost if you really want to grow fish. So, here you get an approximation.


If you plan to grow these fish, you need a budget. That means it would not be that reasonable to grow these fish.

To grow these fish, you need around $300 a month. So, it is not that cheap to consider.

Purple Firefish

On the other hand, growing Purple Firefish is reasonable. You do not need to spend a lot to grow these fish actually.

On average, you may need to spend around $80 a month on these fish. So, this would be quite reasonable to set the budget.

Winner: In terms of cost, Purple Firefish wins. Because these are way cheaper than Helfrichi.

Which One Do I Choose Now?

If you are yet to make up your mind, here you go.

When the growth stage is your concern, you better go for Helfrichi. In fact, helfrichi takes lesser time to grow too.

However, if you think of looks, you go for Purple Firefish. And these fish are very reasonable to grow as well.

Now, if you want to get food for these, here you go.

  • TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes

Hope this helps!


Is It Possible For An Amateur To Maintain Helfrichi?

Yes, it is possible for an amateur to maintain Helfrichi. Because these are not that hard to grow and maintain like a few other species. However, you have to be patient and consistent if you really want to maintain this species.

Can I Grow And Maintain Purple Firefish Myself?

Yes, you can definitely grow and maintain purple firefish yourself. In fact, growing and maintaining this fish is easier than you think. However, it is not something that you can carry on without significant effort. You have to be patient and consistent with this species.

Is It Better To Grow Fish In A Pond Or An Aquarium?

Well, it actually depends on the fish species where you want to grow it. In general, you can grow and maintain small fish in an aquarium. On the other hand, for relatively larger fish, you would need a pond. So, it depends on the size of the fish you are growing and maintaining.

The Final Words

Now you know which one to choose Helfrichi vs Purple Firefish! And you can easily now make up your mind to make the purchase.

Always keep one thing in your mind. It is always recommended to go for comparison before you buy one from Choices. And if you can, go for a detailed comparison for better comprehension.

All the best!

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