Chemi Pure Elite Vs Blue: Know the Difference Before Using

Chemi Pure has become one of the most used chemical filtration products for aquariums. Chemi Pure Elite and Chemi Pure Blue are the most sold ones. To choose which one you need you will need to understand Chemi Pure Elite vs. Blue.

Chemi Pure Elite and Blue both work perfectly in balancing phosphate and nitrate. Chemi Pure Elite can be used in fresh or salted water aquariums. But if the water has a higher PH with salt reefs, cichlids, and goldfish, it is better to use Chemi Pure Blue. 

The two products also differ in chemical formation. You will find phosphate absorption in Chemi Pure Blue but it is replaced with granular ferric oxide in the Chemi Pure Elite. We can say that the use of Chemi Pure Blue is more usable for harsh aquarium environments than the Chemi Pure Elite. 

The use procedure of the two products is almost the same. Depending on the bio loads of your aquarium you will need to replace them every  2 to 4 months. The use process is also almost the same as each other. 

Table To Understand The Difference

FeaturesChemi Pure EliteChemi Pure Blue
Water TypeFreshwater and saltwater Freshwater, saltwater, water with higher pH
ChemicalsOrganic Scavenger Resin, Extruded Pelletized Carbon, Granular Ferric OxideOrganic Scavenger Resin, Extruded Pelletized Carbon, Phosphate Absorption Resin
Used ForBalancing Phosphate, Biload,  Nuisance algaeLager size of Biload, higher pH, Nitrate

What Is Chemi Pure

Chemi Pure Blue

It has been around 60 years since Chemi Pure introduced itself in the market. And since then, Chemi Pure has revolutionized the water filtration system. It can be said that the model of the present modern aquarium filtration systems is based on the theory of Chemi Pure. 

Over the years Chemi Pure has introduced several products. These products work in the same directions. They are chemical absorption filters. They generate ions as an exchange medium. 

Creating positive and negative charges they attract unwanted chemicals. These ions exchange dirt and impurities as forms of chemicals. Chemi Pure is suitable for African Cichlids and Discus. 

Each product of Chemi Pure has a different consistency. And they also have different purposes. Once you identify what you need and how the water of the aquarium, you can select the product. 

Differences Between Chemi Pure Elite And Chemi Pure Blue

Chemi Pure Elite vs Chemi Pure Blue

Chemi Pure Elite and Chemi Pure Blue are two popular products of Chemi Pure. To know which product to use you need to distinguish between the products. These will help you to know which one to choose for your aquarium.

Chemical Formation

Chemi Pure Elite

Chemi Pure Elite has an active Granular Ferric Oxide which is known as GFO. The ions of GFO actively react to make a bond with phosphate and silicates in the water of the aquarium. It attracts phosphates and silicates in the water of the aquarium. Then they can be removed from the water. 

In Chemi Pure Elite you will also find the presence of Extruded Pelletized Carbon and Organic Scavenger Resin. All of these chemicals help to remove bioload or a mild bout with algae. 

Chemi Pure Blue

Like Chemi Pure Elite Chemi Pure Blue also has Extruded Pelletized Carbon and Organic Scavenger Resin. On the contrary pure blue also has Phosphate Absorption Resin. It also consists of active carbon. 

This low ash carbon helps in reducing HLLE and balancing pH. This also participates in reducing the phosphate and silicate levels.


Chemi Pure Elite

The main purpose of using Chemi Pure Elite is to reduce the level of phosphate in the water of the aquarium. With this one doesn’t need to buy expensive bulk iron oxide or any phosphate reactor. This helps in making the maintenance of the aquarium more convenient. 

With Chemi Pure Elite you do not need to spend any excess money on other nylon filters. The product comes with a pre-packed nylon filter bag. This works actively in controlling nuisance algae. Therefore there is no external buildup of parasites like algae in the stones or substrates of the aquarium. 

Chemi Pure Blue

When it comes to the production of organic compounds, toxins, medication, metals, phosphate, and silicate then Chemi Pure Blue can be a good choice. It also reduces the unwanted odors from the aquarium. 

This product uses the finest laboratory-grade raisin. This removes Organics and redoes redox to balance the peach. It lasts longer than any other filter medicine. Therefore the aquarium owner doesn’t need to change the water frequently. 

Chemi Pure Blue is also healthy for any aquatic life in the aquarium. It doesn’t intensify the fertilizers that are used to nourish plants and animals. 


Chemi Pure Elite

When it comes to comparison, let’s see the benefits you get from an Elite.

  • It works in controlling and stabilizing the pH level. 
  • By using it the water of the aquarium stays clear. 
  • It helps to reduce the loss of aquatic animals that happens due to pollution or the pH level. 
  • Creates a natural environment in the aquarium to create positive neurological reactions in the aquatic animals. 
  • Clears out any dissolved Organics. 
  • Increase the appetite of aquatic animals. 
  • Removes any sort of osmotic shock. 
  • Filters metals like coppers and removes the odor created from the phenol and other chemicals. 
  • Can filter the water until 4 months. 
  • It comes in several sizes.

Chemi Pure Blue

Chemi Pure Blue is said to be the advanced version of Chemi Pure Elite. 

  • Take a look at the benefits that one can get from Chemi Pure Blue.
  • It works best for Reef, Marine, Jellyfish, and high-pH aquariums. 
  • The product has higher carbon bonds that reduce the potential of HLLE that forms from the fine Carbon dust in the aquarium. 
  • Chemi Pure Blue has two high-grade hybrid iron. This helps to exchange resins so that they can produce a synergistic formula. 
  • Creates a healthy environment for the aquatic animals in the aquarium. 
  • It is the best product one can choose for African cichlids.  

How To Apply Chemi Pure

Here are the steps to apply the Chemi Pure Elite.

Step 1: First, put the bag of Chemi Pure Elite in the high-flow zone in a canister or HOB filter.

Step 2: Wash the bag in the running water of the tank at least for 5-10 seconds. 

Step 3: Make sure that the water is flowing slowly into the bag and the media.

Step 4: Replace the product at an interval of 2-4 months depending on the water of the aquarium and which product of the Chemi Pure he is using. 

If you have used multiple bags of Chemi Pure at a time, then change one at a time per week. This will ensure consistency and less product will be needed. 


Does Chemi-Pure Elite Remove Algae?

Chemi-Pure Elite is appropriate for all aquarium types, including freshwater, saline, and reef tanks. If you’re looking to at long last dispose of difficult green growth (or essentially need to lessen the number of water changes that you need to do), Chemi-Pure Elite is an extraordinary decision.

How Long Does It Take For Chemi-Pure To Work?

Just hold the unit under running water and delicately control the pack until the water begins to wash clear. This might require 5 to 10 seconds for our new QuickWash carbon and can require as long as 5 minutes of flushing for our carbon items. There might be some carbon buildup delivered in the aquarium in the wake of washing.

Does Chemi-Pure Remove Ammonia?

Chemi-Pure – Functions admirably in marine or freshwater aquariums to eliminate weighty metals, copper, phenol, alkali, and other nitrogenous waste. Helps keep pH at a reliably protected range and your water shimmering clear.

Can You Put Chemi-Pure In A Reactor?

A significant addition to Chemi Pure is to run it in circumstances where one, by and large, doesn’t have a reactor. It is perfect in sumps or channels socks or canisters however which would be the reason it comes taken care of. Yet, use in the reactor takes care of business. Simpler support for the Chemipure than evolving carbon.

When Should I Change My Chemi-Pure Elite?

Chemi-pure ought to be supplanted around at regular intervals of 3 months relying upon bio-load. In the event that more than one Chemi-pure channel pack is utilized, transform each in turn consistently until all sacks have been supplanted. Utilize one 11.74 oz. unit for up to 50 US gallons.


Chemi Pure is the chemical form of filtering unwanted Chemicals and bioloads from your aquarium. If used properly then it will not cause any harm to the aquatic life in the water giving you the wanted pH balance and environment. But for this, it is important to understand Chemi Pure Elite vs Blue.

This lets you know what is the difference between these two products and which one is suitable for your aquarium. Therefore you will be able to balance out the pH of the water without worrying about harming the aquatic life in the aquarium. This is a very old way to clean your aquarium but this is still used in the modern filtration module. 

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