Blue Dream Vs Blue Velvet Shrimp: Know The Differences

Blue Dream Shrimp And Blue Velvet Shrimp are two species of dwarf shrimps. Knowing about Blue Dream vs Blue Velvet Shrimp will help you to distinguish between them. Even though they have the same origin the food and survival requirements are different from each other.

The major way to identify each of the Blue Dream Shrimp And Blue Velvet Shrimp is by the color. Blue Dream Shrimp is more vibrant in color compared to Blue Velvet Shrimp. The food habit and the breeding process are quite similar to each other but still have some small differences. Another major distinction between the two breeds is adjustment toward the environment. While Blue Dream Shrimp is more tolerant to pH levels And temperature, Blue Velvet Shrimp is a bit sensitive in nature.

Blue Dream Shrimp Is a muted variant of Blue Velvet Shrimp. It was done so that Blue Dream Shrimp would be more attractive to the aquarium owner.

Classifying Blue Dream Shrimp And Blue Velvet Shrimp

Blue Dream and Blue Velvet Shrimp Comparison


Blue Dream Shrimp

The color of Blue Dream Shrimp is kind of a dreamy blue color like its name. It’s not an ocean blue color or a royal blue color but a deep dark blue shade. The color of Blue Dream Shrimp is almost uniform on the whole body.

The only place where you will see a bit of color variation is in its head. As the head has all the organs in it so comparatively the color is a darker shade. Other than that the whole shrimp, from trunk to tail, has a uniform dreamy blue color.  

You can also say that the shade of Blue Dream Shrimp is a clean blue color. This shade of blue is one of the main reasons why people lean towards painting Blue Dream Shrimp. 

Blue Velvet Shrimp

As per the name goes the Blue Velvet Shrimp is also blue in color. The color of Blue Velvet Shrimp goes into the spectrum of royal blue. Also, the color of Blue Velvet Shrimp is not uniform in all parts of the body. Somewhere you will find the shade is a bit darker while on the other it’s a bit lighter.

In some shrimp, you will also find that it has some dark spots. Like Polka Dot. These dots are black or a deeper shade of blue. In others, you won’t get any dot but it will be a stripe-looking structure which is unlike Tiger Shrimp elongated dots. 

If you keep Blue Velvet Shrimp and Blue Dream Shrimp side by side these dots are the major identification scale for Blue Velvet Shrimp. In some Blue Velvet Shrimp, the shade of blue can be ashy. Some owners even say it is a dirty blue color. 

Difference Between Male And Female

Blue Dream Shrimp

In recognizing the sex of male and female of Blue Dream Shrimp is the coloration. Even though both genders have a uniform blue color, females tend to be in the lighter Spectrum. 

When Blue Dream Shrimp reaches mating age the female body gets a more bulky shape in the tummy area than the male. This is because the female Blue Dream Shrimp carries eggs in its ovaries. Thus the ovary turns into a sac-like structure that can be visible from the outside. 

But during the Juvenile period, they are almost similar in shape and size. The more they grow to a full-grown shrimp it becomes easier to distinguish the two genders. Especially if the female is having eggs in the ovary you can recognize it on your first look. 

Blue Velvet Shrimp

At a younger age, it is difficult to distinguish between males and females. When Blue Velvet Shrimp reaches the age of mating the female shame develops ovaries in the lower part of the body. Due to the color Blue Velvet Shrimp, it can be a bit difficult to see the development of ovaries in a darker place. 

In such a situation you can install white light in the aquarium which you can use while recognizing the sex of the Blue Velvet Shrimp. While planning to breed them if it is difficult for you to recognize their gender it is always wise to take help from experts. 

Another important factor in the differentiating sets of Blue Velvet Shrimp is the size of the two genders. The male is comparatively smaller in size than the female shrimp.  


Blue Dream Shrimp

Along with the look of Blue Dream Shrimp, another reason people get leaner toward Blue Dream Shrimp is it is a very low-maintenance shrimp that you can put in your aquarium. 

The favorite diet of Blue Dream Shrimp is to feed on algae and biofilm. Especially if the tank is planted, the owner doesn’t need to worry about spot feeding. The Blue Dream Shrimp works as a waste cleaner for the tank.

It is not an aggressive animal but can feed on smaller species. Therefore you need to be careful what kind of aquatic animals are sharing the space of the aquarium with Blue Dream Shrimp. If you forget to feed your aquarium for a constant amount of time you will see that the shrimp is living on the waste of the other aquatic life in the aquarium. 

Blue Velvet Shrimp

Blue Velvet Shrimp survives on both plant and meat-based diets. If you are targeting spot feeding then you can give flakes, pallets, frozen bloodworms, Wafers of algae, and many more. One of the favorite foods of Blue Velvet Shrimp is algae. 

If you want to control the presence of algae in the tank it is ideal to put Blue Velvet Shrimp in your aquarium. Cyanobacteria, Green Hair Algae, Green Spot Algae, and Brown Diatom Algae come on the dietary list. 

While feeding it is important that the food reaches the bottom layer of the tank as the shrimps tend to stay at the bottom. Blue Velvet Shrimp will also feed on any sort of leftovers or detritus in the aquarium. 


Blue Dream Shrimp

If you consider one of the most easy-going shrimp then the name of the Blue Dream Shrimp comes at the very beginning. It is a freshwater shrimp that can sustain at a temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. This range of temperature is quite expensive compared to any other aquatic animal you can think of. 

In the case of pH balance, the range should be between 7 to 8. This means Blue Dream Shrimp prefers an acidic water environment. If the pH balance gets lower than 6.5 still Blue Dream Shrimp will survive in the water. Things that should be under concern are the pH level should not fluctuate frequently. If it is enough to level for quite a time Blue Dream Shrimp gets adjusted to that level of PH.  

It needs dGH at a level of 8 and dKH at 8. 

Blue Velvet Shrimp

Blue Velvet Shrimp is also an easy-going shrimp but sometimes it can need some attention. When it comes to the temperature of the water the shrimp refers to a temperature between 76 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even though Blue Velvet Shrimp needs a Mediterranean temperature it is not important to install a water heater. But it has been seen that the lifespan of Blue Velvet Shrimp is more in warm water than that of cold water. Special in the breeding season the temperature plays an important role in the growth of the egg and the toddler shrimp.  

In the case of the pH balance, Blue Velvet Shrimp survives better at 6.5 to 6.8. This means the shrimp-like have more alkaline water than acidic. It also needs dGH of 3-5 and dKH of 1-2. 


Blue Dream Shrimp

The breeding process of Blue Dream Shrimp is simple. You don’t have to separate the female shrimp after hatching the egg. During the mating season, each gender will choose their meeting partner. And once the female shrimp starts to ovulate it will get bigger in size. 

The female shrimp will lay the eggs under plants or in a safe place. The female shape is the soul protector of the eggs. Once the eggs are hatched they will start to feed themselves on the food that the measured shame has. There is no other special diet for the Blue Dream Shrimp babies.

Blue Velvet Shrimp

The breeding process of the Blue Velvet Shrimp is almost similar to the Blue Dream Shrimp. The mother shrimp chooses their meeting partner during the breeding season. Once they develop eggs in their ovaries they try to stay at the bottom of the tank.

Blue Velvet Shrimp also holds eggs in their ovaries for 30 days before catching them. The main breeding difference between Blue Dream Shrimp and Blue Velvet Shrimp is the temperature of the water. We know that Blue Velvet Shrimp differs from warm water.

In cold water, the reproduction of Blue Velvet Shrimp is slower. Also, the survival rate of the eggs is very low. Even if the eggs manage to hatch the growth of the shrimp will be lacking.

Breeding of Blue Dream Shrimp From Blue Velvet Shrimp

breeding process of Blue-Dream and Blue-Velvet-Shrimp

Blue Dream Shrimp Is a mutant version of Blue Velvet Shrimp. If you look at the color of the Blue Velvet Shrimp you will see that it is a blue-colored shrimp. But the color is not vibrant enough to be noticed from the outside of an aquarium. 

For the ashy blue pigment, Blue Velvet Shrimp somehow gets lost in the substrate or stones. The natural defense mechanism of Blue Velvet Shrimp comes in the form of black dots. These dots help them to hide from the Predator. This is a necessary and important defense mechanism for nature. But when it comes to petting Blue Velvet Shrimp people need a more vibrant and gorgeous color.

The breeder of Blue Velvet Shrimp decided to cross-breed the shrimp with Red Cherry Shrimp. Which ultimately gives the shrimp a vibrant color and forms a new type, Blue Dream Shrimp. This mutation was intended to make the shrimp more tolerant to cold water. Blue Dream Shrimp has more tolerance for the environment than Blue Velvet Shrimp. 


Are Blue Velvet Shrimp The Same As Blue Dream Shrimp?

Blue Velvets outside the USA are many times equivalent to Blue Dreams. – Blue Dreams can be kept with Carbon Rili and they will, in any case, deliver Blue Dream, Carbon, and Blue Rili designs/colors. – Mixing Blue Dreams and Blue Velvets/Blue Jelly will bring about wild varieties not too far off as a result of the Red Rili tone blended in.

Are Blue Dream Shrimp Good For Beginners?

Blue Dream Shrimp can endure a really extensive variety of water boundaries and are not a forceful species. This combined with their flexibility makes them a decent choice as tank sidekicks. Blue Dream Shrimp breed effectively, settling on them a decent decision for novices to the freshwater shrimp side interest.

How Many Blue Dream Shrimp Are In A Gallon?

A general rule of thumb for keeping shrimps is 10 shrimps per gallon. Blue Dream is non-aggressive and spends most of its time eating algae and biofilm off plants, glass, and substrate. They make excellent clean-up crews for aquascape tanks.

How Long Does Blue Velvet Shrimp Live?

The typical Blue Velvet Shrimp’s life expectancy is around 1-2 years relying on how they have reproduced and the nature of the care they get. Despite the fact that these are tough animal types, shoddy circumstances can clearly abbreviate their life expectancy.

Do Blue Velvet Shrimp Need A Heater?

A warmer for the most part isn’t required for blue velvet shrimp as they can endure an exceptionally extensive variety of temperatures. The room temperature turns out great. Do consider adding a radiator on the off chance that the temperature is inclined to fluctuate, as these shrimp are strong but need stable circumstances.

Final Words

Once you learn about Blue Dream Vs Blue Velvet Shrimp you see a comparative analysis. In this analysis, you will learn that even though the two shrimps are different in some aspects they also have some similarities. Especially in the breathing process.

You may want to know why it is important to recognize the two shrimp. It is because if you are planning to breed them and enhance their existence you might want to know no there is a difference. Also, these two species come in two different price points. Therefore without knowing which one is what you might be more than you are required to be. 

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