Aquavitro Fuel vs Reef Plus: Which Fuel Additive Hits?

Bet you don’t take freshwater additives or supplements lightly while maintaining your tank, do you? But better ingredients, Vitamins, availability, etc., might make you confused in picking!

We got your point. Soon we will spell those out!

But first, what are the key differences between Aquavitro Fuel and Reef Plus?

In terms of size variety, Aquavitro Fuel comes with 4 types while Reef Plus presents 3. Meanwhile, unique green algae- Chlorella is only found at Aquavitro Fuel. You will find more lipotropic Factors and other minerals inside Aquavitro Fuel. And, Vitamin B12 is highly enriched at Aquavitro Fuel.

From this glimpse, Seachem Aquavitro Fuel might appear the best fitting for your reef tank. But is it really the best additive indeed?

Let’s unfold every piece of detail together, shall we?

Aquavitro Fuel vs Reef Plus: A Quick Glimpse

We are going to dive deeper into this! But before that, let’s have a quick overview of the comparing factors.

Compared FactorsAquavitro FuelReef Plus
Green AlgaeHighly enriched withNot available
AvailabilityRare to getWidely available on physical shops or even online platforms
Availability of Sizes4 including 150 ml, 350 ml, 1 liter, and 4 liter3 including 250 ml, 500 ml, and 4 liter
Vitamin and Lipotropic FactorsFeatures more itemsLesser
Vitamin B12More than 120 microgramsAround 0.9 micrograms only

Well, that’s not the end! Still, we remain discussing these factors in detail. But till now, we hope you get a bird’s eye view!

Aquavitro Fuel vs Reef Plus: Detailed Comparison

Difference Between Aquavitro Fuel and Reef Plus

Enough of looking at the tip of the iceberg! It’s time to see things briefly. Let’s jump on this!

Green Algae- Chlorella

Between these two fuel additives, fewer differences you might explore! In the meantime, coming with or without algae might create a clear difference. Aquavitro fuel comes with the chlorella while you will find Seachem Reef plus missing this out.

Chlorella comes as particular green algae allowing aquatic organisms a broader food source. These work as a crucial basis of starch. As a result, you will discover photosynthesis ongoing at the aquarium due to their starch production.

As the photosynthesis process comes out of the algae, you might find its necessity. Atmospheric oxygen gets increased due to this vital source. Along with that, these can establish a symbiotic affinity with other organisms too.

As it can keep good water quality, aquariums having aquavit fuel are cleaner. However, you should keep the chlorella’s growth under control. If not, your fish might end up deprived of enough nutrients in the aquarium.

Along with that, aquarists suggest using these as a dietary source for fish. But overall, carrying these algae in a fuel additive is undoubtedly a plus! Meanwhile, several other microalgae can be found on other additives.

But only the chlorella offers the right source of dietary protein for your aquarium fish. If you want smart weight gaining of fish, Aquavitro fuel can be the ideal choice. Along with that, it ensures better meat quality.

Winner: Seachem Aquavitro Fuel.


Apart from the larger suitability, availability is the key to keeping customers closer. In terms of buying, you might not find Seachem Aquavitro Fuel available.

Why is that?

Well, Seachem has introduced this fuel as a redesigned product. Many customers might consider this an updated or upgraded product but it’s not!

For its redesigned and experimented nature, the Seachem brand keeps this distribution tighter. As a result, it’s almost unavailable in shops or online except for independent retailers.

However, managing this online somehow indicates a third-party sale breaching the company policy. Try not to get this product through those unofficial ways. In the meantime, facing expired issues might arise!

On the other hand, Seachem doesn’t apply any restrictions on Reef Plus.

Along with that, this product has a higher demand too. So, getting this over the Aquavitro Fuel won’t be a bad option indeed.

Winner: Seachem Reef Plus.

Vitamin and Lipotropic Factors

In terms of providing the necessary ingredients, both might seem the same. However, slighter differences between them have made one the best.

While comparing their vitamins and lipotropic factors, both feature main components. Such as Ascorbic acid, Thiamine, Niacin, Riboflavin, Choline, Inositol, etc., are in the same amount.

However, the amount of Vitamin B12 lacks scarcely on the Reef Plus coming from specific algae. Seachem Reef Plus only provides 0.9 micrograms of Vitamin B12. On the other hand, Aquavitro serves more than 120 micrograms of that Vitamin.

So, you might discover tiny little algae supporting the coral growth there. As you consider this inside a reef tank, make sure that the necessary elements exist there.

Tiny algae such as zooxanthellae can be a dominating factor for reef-building corals. This ingredient helps in growing food along with photosynthesis. In the meantime, providing fresh water except mud is a must here.

If not, you might see zooxanthellae not getting enough sunlight. Along with that, the corals will lose food sources indeed. By the time, this algae grows vitamin B12.

Along with that, Pantothenate (Vitamin B5) features Reef Plus only. Meanwhile, you will find different Polyunsaturated fatty acids in the Aquavitro Fuel.

Winner: Seachem Aquavitro Fuel.

Final Verdict

Overall, you might consider Aquavitro Fuel for your aquarium. In the meantime, this higher-end product might serve your reef tank for a long time.

On the other hand, the availability issue might distress you while choosing this product. Unless you expect a complex ordering process, picking Reef Plus won’t be a bad option.

But the Seachem Aquavitro Fuel hits our radar because of its expanded ingredients. Green algae like Chlorella might bring the corals flourishing real quick!

Winner: Seachem Aquavitro Fuel.


What Temperature Suits Growing Coral Reefs?

Coral reefs grow at water temperatures between 73-84° Fahrenheit or 23-29° Celsius might be ideal. Interestingly, some reefs can endure temperatures more than 104° Fahrenheit for a shorter duration. However, reef corals might need extremely saline water varying from 32 to 42 parts per thousand.

Can I Overdose Aquavitro Seed?

Well, it’s quite hard to overdose on seeds. In the meantime, you might not have many restorative bacteria there. A bacterial bloom in the water column might be the worst scenario for overdosing. Meanwhile, overdosing Aquavitro seed by a little portion will not generate any big problems.

Is Usually Coral A Secured Item For Aquarium?

Absolutely not! Corals might be a stunning complement to the marine tanks. But while having fresh water in your aquarium, its death can create havoc for fish. You will find the aquarium gets polluted as soon as the corals die. Unleashing ammonia and nitrates out of its flesh is a threat to fish.

Final Words

That’s all from us regarding Aquavitro Fuel vs Reef Plus. Now you can decide which freshwater additive and supplement will be the ideal option!

Still, thinking maybe we have left any major comparing factor here. Let us know of your further queries.

Have a great time with your reef tank!

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