Aquavitro Fuel Vs Acropower: Which One is the Winner?

Only hobbyists know how important it is to select the best supplements for reef tanks. But many good products are available so that you might get confused between them.

For example, Aquavitro fuel and Acropower are having a head-to-head battle – who is the best? But we’ve come to the rescue with a genuine comparison between these two.

So, which one to choose for your tank, AquavitroFuel vs. Acropower?

Both Aquavitro fuel and Acropower have their benefits. Aquavitro offers you better supplements, a budget-friendly price, and a long-lasting effect. Whereas  AcroPower has super-fast growth benefits, colorization, and low-maintenance services. But there are still some facts you need to consider.

So, what are the facts? Do you want to know? No worries! Because we are going to explain them with an easy discussion process. Keep reading for more exciting facts about Aquavitro fuel vs Acropower. 

Aquavitro Fuel Vs. Acropower: Quick Overview

Let us have a small preview of the discussion first. We have shown the basic differences in the following table. So that you can take a quick snap if you are in a hurry.

FeaturesAquavitro Fuel Acropower
Trace ElementsPotassium, StrontiumAmino Acids
Using ProcedureMore complicatedEasier
RefrigerationRequiredNot required
PriceBudget-friendlyMore expensive

Hope the table was informative enough. But we are going to discuss these features more elaborately in our following segment. So if you don’t want to miss out, then dig in!

Acropower Vs Aquavitro Fuel: Head-to-head Battle

Comparison of Aquavitro Fuel and Acropower

Now, you have a generic idea, it will be easier to understand the differences. So without any further ado, let us dive into the facts.

Using Procedure

The using procedure makes a big difference here. We all know we cannot afford the same time and effort for our hobbies. So it is important to know which product requires how much time.

When you use Aquavitro fuel for your reef tank, you need to shake it first. It is because the minerals, acids, and vitamins get stratified inside the bottle. After shaking, it will get more homogeneous. Also, you need to follow the dosing directions very carefully. 

Many recommend using 20 milliliter bottles of Aquavitro fuel twice a week for the tank. After using it, put this in the refrigerator. Otherwise, the fatty acids inside will go bad.

While using Acropower, you need to shake it thoroughly. Especially, before adding to a higher flow section of the aquarium for quick dispersion. A dose of  5 mL per 25 gallons (94.6 L) once a week is good to go with.

You can also use a dosing syringe to gently add all equivalent quantities in daily doses. Unlike Aquavitro fuel, refrigeration is not necessary for storage in a cool, dry environment.

As you can see, Acropower is better to deal with your tank. It requires a little less maintenance than Aquavitro fuel.

Winner: Acropower

Trace Elements

Aquavitro fuel contains all the major supplements that a reef tank may require. But the special supplements that it has exclusively are potassium and strontium.

It also contains some extremely important vitamins, fatty acids, and lipids that make the job greatly done. For example, lysine, tyrosine, polyunsaturated fats, etc.

The trace element of Acropower is its amino acids. Protein skimmers and very low nutrition schemes may readily reduce amino acids in reef tanks. You can restore amino acids for vibrant and robust corals by using this.

Since both are rich in specific materials, so clearly these are both the winners here.


Aquavitro fuels come in different sizes of bottles. There are 150 ml, 350 ml, 1L, and 4L. You can choose any of these according to your needs.

In the case of Acropower, there are also 4 different sizes available in a bottle shape. These are 8 oz (250 mL), 16 oz (500 mL), 32 oz (1000 mL), and 1 Gallon.


Here is a hack you need to understand. The growth result is very different for these two products. Many users complain that they haven’t seen much difference in their corals and reef tanks after using Aquavitro fuel. Also, the growth and changes are very slow in this case. 

But Acropower helps to grow the coral rocks. It helps to develop Acropora, Hydra, and the small root structures around it super fast. It also helps in colorization and makes them look really attractive. There is also a special formulation available for SPS corals.

Winner: Acropower


Well, last but not least, the price difference comes to our plan. The cost difference between these two products is not very high. Aquavitro fuel would cost you around $10 to $25. Which is extremely budget-friendly.

On the other hand, the price of Acropower is nearly $30 to $45. It is a little bit more expensive. But it also offers you some better qualities.

Winner: Aquavitro fuel.

For better insights, you can ask some local hobbyists. They will show you physically how these two products make your reef tank look amazing. 

Final Decision

After the whole discussion, you might have already picked a product in your mind. Isn’t it?

There is no surprise here. Because no one knows better than you what you need. But if you are still struggling with what to choose, then let us help you. Since the budget will not be a problem here you can pick any of these two.

But according to the reviews, it is wise to go with Acropower. Because it, first of all, offers you better growth advantages. Also, it makes your tank look much more attractive with the help of the colorization of corals. Moreover, it provides a healthier, more lively look than before.

We suggest going with your guts. And feel free to make your own decision with whatever feels right. All the best.


What Are The Advantages Of Chlorella Fuel?

While spirulina, related algae, has been widely employed in the market, Aquavitro is the first to use significantly better chlorella. fuelTM is designed to offer nutrients found in natural tropical coral waters. Chlorella is an alga that develops only in fresh water.

What Are The Primary Components Of Fuel?

Fuel is a mineral, carbohydrate, amino acid, polyunsaturated fatty acid, & specific nutrient supplement designed to meet the nutritional needs of reefs. Fuel comprises vitamin C in a chlorella base. It provides a diverse array of amino acids and glucose.

What Exactly Is SPS Acropower?

SPS Acropower is designed specifically for SPS corals. Corals require amino acids to improve their capability of digesting food and producing vital energy. Acropower is an amino acid combination that will aid in the growth of their bone frame as well as dramatically heightened coloring within days.

Wrapping Up

Moreover, we tried to share a clearer picture of the battle of Aquavitro fuel vs Acropower. Hope this discussion helps you choose which one meets all your needs. We suggest having a checklist to make a wiser decision.

Still, if you get any second thoughts, don’t hesitate to share them here!

Good luck with making your decision. Signing off for today!

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