4 Causes of Amazon Sword Turning Yellow -Effective Solutions

Amazon sword is an amazing indoor aquatic plant. Screen color gives a diversifying look to your aquarium. Also helps in balancing a healthy ecosystem. But the Amazon sword turning yellow can raise concern. 

When the Amazon sword is turning yellow it means that your plant is sick and needs attention. There can be several reasons why your Amazon sword is turning yellow. It can be due to nutrition deficiency, imbalance pH level, being affected by parasites, insufficient sunlight, impure water, or your plant getting old. 

With some care, it is possible to revive your Amazon sword. Depending on what is affecting your plant to change its color you will need to find a solution. In this post, you can get individual solutions specific to the problem. The solutions are easy to implement and can save your plant.

Why is Amazon Sword Turning Yellow and Solutions

Amazon sword starts changing color to yellow

1. Nutrition Deficiency

Whenever an Amazon sword starts changing color to yellow, there is a chance that the plant is suffering from nutrition deficiency. Amazon sword is a root-feeding plant. If you’re putting nutrients into the aquarium by spraying in the water then there is a chance that the plant will not be receiving proper nutrients.

When Amazon swords suffer from a deficiency of potassium, calcium, and nitrate it tends to change their color to yellow. Slowly the yellow will turn to Brown and you will see the falling off.

Along with the color change from yellow to Brown, you can also see some brown spots on your Amazon sold rather than the whole leaf turning to Brown.


The major solution to nutrient deficiency is providing proper nutrients to the plant. Make sure that you are using the root tab as a source of nutrients for your Amazon sword in the aquarium. Also, try to incorporate CO2 booster daily, Flourish 3x a week, and Sand substrate. (Our Pick: API Co2 Booster Freshwater Aquarium Plant Treatment)

A better way to ensure the distribution of nutrients in the plants is to make sure that when you are planting Amazon swords you are pairing them up with other root-feeding plants.

Adding the same type of plants helps to ensure that all the plants are getting proper nutrition and you do not have to use a separate nutrition base. Therefore you will end up saving some money.

2. Insufficient Light

Even though the Amazon sword doesn’t need extensive sunlight, it needs a moderate amount to stay healthy. To maintain the color of the Amazon sword they must have sufficient sunlight.

Every green plant needs proper sunlight to process photosynthesis. Whenever the Amazon sword realizes that there is a deficiency of Sunlight it will try to convert its chlorophyll to chlorophyll. This means that your plant will turn to other colors than green. In this case yellow. One way to identify the deficiency of Sunlight is, that the tips of the leaves will first turn yellow and then it will spread.


The solution to insufficient sunlight is putting your aquarium in a place where it gets prepared air and sunlight. You can place the aquarium beside the window, or on the balcony.

Once the color has already turned yellow, it will not magically turn back to Green. Rather than waiting for the leaves to turn back to green, it is wise to cut off the affected leaves. This will ensure a quick recovery of the plant.

3. pH Balance

For any animal to survive properly in your aquarium it is very important that you have a proper pH balance of water. The perfect pH level is 6.8 to 7.8. If the water is too acidic or basic then it will damage the Amazon sword along with other aquatic life.

The pH balance of water is directly related to the chemical formation of nutrients. pH balance can change that formation and hamper the photosynthesis process.


To maintain the pH balance it is necessary to check the water frequently. There are several pH meters available in the market. (Our Pick: Ruolan PH Meter for Water Hydroponics)

You can also find some pH meters that you can add constantly to the aquarium. Some digital meters can even notify you every time the pH balance gets out of the stated remark.

Using crushed Coral or dolomite gravel as a substrate helps in balancing pH. They dissolve slowly in the water and balance the pH through buffering. Reverse osmosis and deionized water play a vital role in getting the desired pH level.

3. Impure Water

Amazon sword is an indoor decorative aquatic plant. It has a higher tolerance for fighting unwanted bacteria and other parasites. But this doesn’t ensure complete protection. Sometimes the plant can get affected by unwanted parasites and will change color to yellow.

The prevalence of unwanted parasites is directly related to the purity of water. It is always suggested to use purified water in the aquarium. Also if the aquarium is not properly covered then the dust and debris can contaminate the water.


Before putting water into the aquarium, purify the water with an electric purifier. Make sure it doesn’t contain microscopic organisms that can harm plants and animals. Also, you can install a constant water purifier/ water conditioner. (Our Pick: API TAP WATER CONDITIONER Aquarium Water Conditioner)

Installing a constant water purifier ensures that every time the water gets contaminated it will automatically purify. You will need to check if the purifier is working properly.

Do not forget to cover the aquarium adequately. The cover should not be air-tight but protective enough to save it from dust and debris accumulation.

Tips And Tricks For Healthy Amazon Sword

Plant Healthy Amazon Sword in Aquarium

We all know that prevention is better than cure. Therefore before the Amazon sword starts to change color, you should take care of it.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you have a green Amazon sword in your aquarium.

  • Before inputting life into the aquarium disinfect the aquarium with a proper disinfectant.
  • Choose healthy plants for the aquarium. 
  • Make sure to pick up any unwanted plants that grow in the aquarium. 
  • Try to input sedimented stones that can help in providing nutrition to plants and animals. 
  • Ensure that the aquarium has proper air transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Amazon swords need fertilizer?

Amazon sword plants benefit from normal portions of iron-rich manure and compost. Remember that these should be added weekly after a water change. It will benefit from root tab composts, unlike other plants. Amazon sword will become very well without the external addition of CO2 to the aquarium.

How long do Amazon swords live?

Amazon Sword plant has a typical life expectancy of 1.5 to 3 years. You can build their life expectancy by expanding the portion of Iron manure, and root tabs, and consistently changing the water.

Can you trim Amazon Sword roots?

While it is “Alright” it isn’t great. Sword plants are mainly root feeders. Trim the roots to 2″ and spot a root tab underneath them. Try to have 3 to 4″ of graves underneath them. Just plants with rhizomes should be kept over the substrate.

Do Amazon swords need soil?

Amazon Sword plants need supplement-rich soil, particularly enriched in iron, to flourish. On the off chance that you want to add soil (likewise called a substrate) to your aquarium tank without eliminating everything, you can utilize a PVC pipe, two creeps in width (5 cm) to convey the substrate.

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