API Root Tabs Vs Flourish Root Tabs: Which One To Choose

API Root Tabs and Flourish Root Tabs are one of the most used root tabs in the aquarium. These root tabs are the growth booster. To decide which root tab is necessary for your aquarium it is important to analyze API Root Tabs vs Flourish Root Tabs.

API Root Tabs are enriched in iron, potassium, nitrogen, potash, phosphate, and carbon. But Flourish Root Tabs has all these elements along with manganese, calcium, inositol, chlorine, B12, biotin, and some other micronutrients. With API Root Tabs it is suggested to put the tab deeper into the gavel. But for Flourish Root Tabs it should only go halfway. 

On the other hand, both of these products need 6 tabs for a 10-gallon water tank. In case of spot feeding, place the tab beneath the plant or as near as possible.

These tabs are enriched with nutrients. But you cannot just put a tab with lots of elements. Because this will temper the balance of nutrients in the tank. Therefore it is necessary to recognize the deficiency of these elements and choose your product.

Table: Api Vs Flourish Root Tabs

FeaturesAPI Root TabsFlourish Root Tabs
Chemicals Iron, Potassium, Nitrogen, Soluble Potash, Phosphate, and CarbonIron, Manganese, Calcium, Potassium, Inositol, Chlorine, B12, Biotin, and some other micronutrients
Usage 6 tabs for 10 gallon water tank6 tabs for 10 gallon water tank
Maintenance Use every 2-3 monthsUse every 3-4 months
Manufacturer Mars FishcareSeachem Laboratories.Inc

What is Root Tab

root tabs for aquarium plants

Before starting to know about the difference between the API root tab and the Flourish root tab let’s know what the root tab is. 

To nourish the plants of the aquarium, especially the route feeding plants, root tabs are the most useful fertilizer. This comes in the form of a tablet that can be put inside the substrate and it works with the substrate without tempering with the concentration of the fertilizer. 

There are several types of root tabs available in the market. Unless you are buying a specific root tab for a specific reason, they usually contain magnesium, nitrate, phosphate, potassium, manganese, zinc, iron, and other macro and micronutrients. All these essential elements help plants grow more vigorously in good health. 

Using the root tab is also easier than any other fertilizer. You can use this fertilizer as spot feeding for the plants. Suppose a specific plant needs fertilizer but others don’t. If you provide fertilizer all over the tank then there can be excess nitrate, phosphate, or potassium. This is harmful to other plants and animals.

With tabs, there is no such risk. You can also determine what type of food you need like the API root tab or flourish root tab. And then apply it to your aquarium.

Differences Between API Root Tabs And Flourish Root Tabs

API Root Tabs And Flourish Root Tabs Comparison

Once you understand the use of root ab it is time to distinguish between API and flourish root tab. Let’s recognize these root tabs in several categories.

Chemical Formation

API Root Tabs

API root tab is constituted with necessary fertilizers and nutrients that are useful for plant growth. It has the necessary amount of iron, potassium, nitrogen, soluble potash, phosphate, and carbon. These three nutrients help to boost the plant’s growth and resist dying due to a lack of nutrients.

Flourish Root Tabs

The flourish root tab is enriched with iron, manganese, calcium, potassium, inositol, chlorine, B12, biotin, and some other micronutrients. This is also a fertilizer that helps in the growth factor of plants but it targets many other factors along with the growth. 


API Root Tabs

The main purpose of the API root tab is to flourish the growth of the plant. Ingredients present in the API root tab helps to balance the nutrient for the plant. 

API Root Tabs are ideal for freshwater aquariums. The tropical fish can also acquire nutrients from this root tab. If used properly then, the API Root Tabs can work as a multifunctional nutrient supply. Except for growth, if your plant is lacking any of the nutrients that can be found in API root, you can also use it. 

Flourish Root Tabs

The flourish root tab is also a Growth stimulator. It has more nutrient factors than API Root Tabs. Beneficial amino acids and vitamins give plants a healthy structure. Especially aquatic animals that are herbivorous, then they can also get nutrients from those plants that have been fertilized with Flourish Root Tabs.  

The multiple nutrients present in the root tab make it more efficient than any other root tab. 

However excess nutrients can also turn out to be harmful to the aquarium. Thus it is important to ensure that your plant really needs the flourish root tab. 


API Root Tabs

Uses of API Root Tabs are very easy. You can use it in any form of bed. It can be sand, substrate, or any other gavel bed.

Also remember that if you are planning to put the tab for all the plants in the aquarium then, use 6 tablets for a 10-gallon water tank. If you are spot feeding then just insert the tab under the root of the plant.

With your hand make a hole into the gavel. Try to put it into the deep gavel. Then it will absorb the nutrients more efficiently. 

In some special cases, you can dilute the tab in the tank water. Before doing this, address your nearest water veterinarian. Otherwise, it may harm your aquatic animals. 

Flourish Root Tabs

The use of the flourish root tab is quite similar to the API root tab. For this, You need to put the root tab into gravel. Use one tablet for a 10 to 15 CM radius. For a 10-gallon tank, you will need about 6 tabs. The amount will differ depending on the size of your tank. 

Do not put the tab all the way through the Gavel. Rather make sure that it is halfway there. In case of spot feeding, put the tab just beneath the plant. This will ensure that the plant gets more nutrients than the other plants as it needs more. 

Once every three to four-month put a flourish tab in the aquarium. You can also place it in between if needed. For this check the level of nutrients in the tank. 


API Root Tabs

API Root Tabs are one of the selling products by Mars Fishcare. Mars Fishcare is the daughter company of Mars Incorporated. They have been in the market since 1975. 

It is an American company that specializes in several aquarium products. For example, Cold Water Flake Food, Algae wafers, Tap Water Safe, etc.

Flourish Root Tabs

Flourish Root Tabs are produced by Seachem Laboratories.Inc. They are known for their fertilizers and other chemicals. The company has been in business since 1980.

They also make pumps and glassware for the aquarium. All their products are reliable and sustainable. 


API Root Tabs

The price of the API root tab is quite convenient. It comes in a bag of 1.38 ounces. The price of the product is $8.99. It is available in both online and offline markets. 

To get an authentic product, make your purchase from the assigned dealers. 

Flourish Root Tabs

For a bag of 0.02kg, of flourish root tab you will need to pay $8.55. It is quite similar to the price of the API root tab. But it comes with more nutrients than the API root. 

Which Product To Choose

From all the given comparisons between Api and Flourish Root Tabs, we see that Flourish Root Tabs have more elements and come at a lower price. But that doesn’t mean that you need it.

In Flourish Root Tabs there are elements like phosphate, potassium, chlorine, inositol, etc. These elements can easily temper the environment of your aquarium. The presence of excess potassium and phosphate can turn the color of the leaves of some plants to yellow and brown. They also form green algae. Soluble potash is necessary for some specific plants.

Therefore always check the presence of these elements in the tank. There are several kits available that help to know which element is absent in your tank. Always maintain the pH balance between 6.5 to 7.5. This is healthy and necessary.

Is API And Flourish Root Tab Safe For Aquatic Plants?

API and Flourish Roots tabs are a form of all the necessary nutrients and elements. They are designed in a way that will be beneficial for plants but won’t harm aquatic life. In some special cases, it turns out to be beneficial for the animals. 

While putting any sort of fertilizer, either in the form of a tab or liquid, it is a must to check the pH balance before and after. Also, check the level of carbon dioxide, nitrate, and phosphate. If the limit crosses they will turn out to be harmful to both plants and animals. 

Before you put any plant or animal in the aquarium, learn about its required nutrients. Fishes of saltwater find it difficult to sustain in freshwater. The same goes for freshwater. The fishes and animals of freshwater find it hard to sustain themselves in salt water. And the chemical formation of the API and Flourish Root Tabs can make the water salty. 

Thus know your plants, animals, and your fertilizer before putting them in the aquarium.

How To Maintain Aquarium After Adding Root Tabs

Here are the steps to take care of the aquarium after applying root tabs.

  • Remove any sort of parasitic plant from the tank.
  • Try to keep the tank as clean as possible. 
  • Check the pH balance every 2-3 days.
  • Make sure that the aquatic animal doesn’t dig up the tabs from the gavel.


How Long Do Flourish Root Tabs Last?

Add new tablets once every three to four months for ideal plant development. Tabs won’t modify pH, be that as it may, in exceptionally delicate or unbuffered water, they have somewhat acidic properties like peat greenery.

How Long Does It Take For Aquarium Plants To Root?

While presenting another aquarium, the initial 90 days are basic. To lay it out plainly, the aquarium and the amphibian climate should be offset concerning plant development, fish populace, and filtration. The plants need to adjust to the new circumstances all at once where green growth can flourish.

Are Root Tabs Good For Aquarium Plants?

Aquarium plants require fundamental supplements for lively development. Programming interface ROOT TABS for freshwater aquariums are planned to supply key supplements, including iron and potassium, and carbon, to assist new oceanic plants with getting off to a vivacious beginning and to keep laid out plants prospering.

Should I Get Flourish Or Flourish Excel?

Excel supplies carbon and Flourish supplies minor elements. At the point when you succeed, you’re depending on water changes and fish waste to supply every one of your fish’s requirements. At the point when you just portion Flourish, you’re depending on climatic CO2 to supply carbon, and furthermore, the CO2 your fish breathe. 

Does Flourish Excel Cause Algae?

I obtained the best outcomes with Flourish Excel, dosing it consistently. Dosing it every other day can cause dark beard growth and the growth of green sprouts. This green growth type will fill in aquariums where there is CO2 change. In this way, to stay away from any BBA flare-up, I firmly suggest utilizing Flourish Excel on a consistent schedule.

Final Words

An aquarium is a mini-ecosystem that you create in your home. But this ecosystem needs you to take proper care of it. Root tabs are essential for that care. But it is also very important to recognize which Root tab is required in your aquarium. 

If you are confused between Api and Flourish Root Tabs then analyzing API Root Tabs or Flourish Root Tabs can help you. Once you identify which elements are absent in your tank, or which elements are causing harm for your plants and animals you will be able to decide which tab you need. Remember, both excess and deficiency can harm your plants.

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