Stress Coat or Stress Zyme: Which One To Choose?

Stress Coat And Stress Zyme are two brilliant products introduced by API. These two products are great at their job and help you to maintain your aquarium. But when you have to choose one of the products you might be confused between Stress Coat or Stress Zyme, which way to go.

Before you decide which product is suitable for you, it’s better to understand what their functions are. The Stress Coat is used for detoxifying your tank from chlorine, chloride, or heavy metals. On the other hand, Stress Zyme is a product that helps in removing waste from your aquarium lowering the maintenance stress. 

With the Stress Coat, you get electrolyte protection which helps in reducing the stress of the fish. But with Stress Zyme you don’t need to change the water more often and it provides an Ammonia free environment in the tank.

In this post, you will get a clear idea about the functionality and benefits that you receive from both products. Also, how often they should be introduced in the tank and the differences in the application process will be described in detail. Hopefully, they will help you to decide which way to go. 

Stress Coat Vs Stress Zyme- Quick Comparison

FeaturesStress Coat Stress Zyme
Function Removing chlorine, chloride, and heavy metals Removing biological waste
Application per 10 Gallon 5 ml5 ml for the old tank and 10 ml for the new tank
Benefits Have healing propertiesReduces maintenance cost
Natural Properties Aloe Vera leafBacteria

Differences Between Stress Coat And Stress Zyme- In Details

To decide which product you need between Stress Coat And Stress Zyme you need to understand their differences. Here are the pointers that can help you to decide.


Stress Coat

Stress Coat

The Stress Coat is basically a water conditioner that helps to remove the chlorine that is harmful to your fish. It’s very easy to use for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Whenever you’re adding tap water to your aquarium, you introduce a new level of chlorine into the aquarium so stress coat comes in your aid to balance that excess chlorine. 

Basically, chlorine is added to your tap water to purify the water of germs and other residues. But when you introduce that water into your aquarium, a filter cannot work properly on removing the chlorine. As a result, the level of chlorine in the tank can rise insignificantly causing harm to the aquatic life.

The best way to remove this level of chlorine is to vaporize the chlorine in the form of gas. The product that helps you to reduce the level of chlorine is to use a Stress Coat. After applying the product you wait a while and you will find the level going down. 

The best thing about Stress Coat is it will lower the level of chlorine without tempering the minerals present in the tank. As it removes the chlorine in a gaseous form you do not need to worry about filtering the particles. 

Stress Zyme

Stress Zyme

Stress Zyme is basically a biological aquarium cleaner that contains beneficial bacteria. But it doesn’t work on a targeted chemical property. Also, Stress Zyme is not a chemical composition.

In Stress Zyme, every 5ml of the solution contains 300 million bacteria. These bacteria will eat up any dead animal or plant thus cleaning the tank. These bacterias also work on organic wastage, discharges from aquatic animals, and food waste. They start the process by breaking the strong complex organic forms. 

Once they are done breaking the chemical formations they start consuming the organic waste such as uneaten food, fish waste, and other debris. Due to the breakage of the complex chemical formation, it gets easier for the filter to purify the water again. 

All the residuals that come from aquatic life in the aquarium can cause an increase in the level of ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. These can be very harmful to aquatic animals. 

Also, aquatic plants need nitrates from ammonia through the cycling process. Stress Zyme helps in boosting this cycling process. Thus Stress Zyme helps a lot in balancing the chemical formations in the aquarium. It reduces toxicity and boosts the growth of Aquatic life. 


Stress Coat

The target of using the Stress Coat is to lower the level of chlorine from the tap water or in any other form you need to use in the initial stage. Especially before adding any form of Aquatic life to the aquarium. 

When you introduce the dosage of Stress Coat make sure you do not add any more tap water into the aquarium. But this doesn’t mean that it is just a one-time use product. Every time you are introducing new water into the tank for a water change or introducing new fish to the tank you can apply the Stress Coat. 

However, after applying the stress coat it is best to wait at least six hours before adding any fish in the aquarium. This is because it needs a little time to completely dissolve in the water. So, if you add the fish before it’s dissolved, it can stress them very easily.

Also if you are feeling that your aquarium has lots of chlorine buildup, or there are chloride or heavy metals very often then apply the Stress Coat every two weeks. This will lower the amount of toxic chlorine in any of its forms and release stress from your aquatic animals. 

Stress Zyme

Stress Zyme is a very strong biological filter. Therefore it can work very prominently on any biological waste that forms in your aquarium. It is safe and suggested to be used on a weekly basis. This way the aquarium stays cleaned for a long time and reduces your maintenance time and cost. 

Besides, It can be particularly very useful in new aquariums that is experiencing water quality issues for a while.It is very important to remember that the cleaner your aquarium is the less the toxic buildup. Ultimately you get healthy aquatic life in your aquarium without worrying about skin diseases or plant rotting. 

If you see that using Stress Zyme weekly is not enough, that means your tank is overcrowded and you need to transfer some of your aquatic life into other tanks. 

Even though Stress Zyme works through bacteria it is not wise to use it in excessive amounts. This can temper with the necessary Ammonia formation. Therefore be very careful not to go overboard and follow the proper application procedure to get the best results. 

However, in both cases it’s crucial to follow the recommended dosage because overdosing can cause harmful side effects to the fish.

Application Procedure

Stress Coat

The application process of Stress Coat is quite easy. Here are the directions that you need to follow. 

  • Buy the Stress Coat from online shops like Amazon or you can get them at your nearest aquatic drugstore. You will get them in several sizes in bottles. Depending on the size of your tank by the one you need. Do not forget to check the expired and manufacturing date.
  • Now take a measurement cup. It is wise to use a glass cup or a silicon cup.
  • For every 38 liters for 10 gallons of water take 5 ml of liquid from the Stress Coat.
  • If you are targeting for your fish to recover from skin damage or fin damage then you will have to double the dosages. For 38 liters or 10 gallons of water, you will need 10 ml of Stress Coat. This measurement is also true if you are trying to replace the Slim Coat with the Stress Coat.  
  • Once the measurement is done just put the liquid into the water and leave it to rest. After the work is done check the level of chlorine.   


During the application process, you need to understand that this product is not applicable to the fish that are nurtured for human consumption. It should only be used in aquariums having ornamental aquatic life. Do not forget to keep it away from the children. 

Stress Zyme

Here is the procedure for applying Stress Zyme into your tank.

  • First, you need to collect Stress Zyme from Amazon or any other aquatic drug shop. 
  • Once you collect the product, before opening the bottle shake it properly so that nothing is deposited at the bottom of the bottle. 
  • If you are applying Stress Zyme in a new tank then you need to add 10 ml of Stress Zyme to per 10 gallons of water. But when you are applying it for maintenance purposes then you just need 5 ml of Stress Zyme for every 10 gallons of water.
  • After getting done with the measurement, you will need to put the liquid directly into the tank water. It is wise to apply Stress Zyme after the aquatic animals are done feeding.


Stress ZymeIs is an organic product that is based on the function of bacteria. Therefore it is safe to use in any tank but make sure that it doesn’t get into your eyes or avoid getting in contact with your skin. Try to keep it in a cold place and out of reach of the children.


Stress Coat

  • Works on removing Chlorine, Chlorides and heavy metals. 
  • It contains aloe Vera that helps to reduce the fish stress.
  • Promotes healing of skin,fins and other damaged tissues. 
  • Helps to protect the slimy coatings of the fish.
  • Helps in preventing electrolyte loss. 
  • Highly recommended by professional aquarists.

Stress Zyme

  • Keeps the aquarium clean. 
  • Creates a natural balance in the aquarium.
  • Contains about 300 million live bacteria per teaspoon of product
  • Increases the potential of biological filters. 
  • Reduces the maintenance stress among aquatic animals. 
  • Aquarists don’t have to do cleaning very frequently.

Which One To Choose Between Stress Coat And Stress Zyme

Stress Coat And Stress Zyme are products that have two different targets to achieve. Both of them are produced by API drugs. They have been in this aquatic life drug business for a long time. Each of their products is available on Amazon. With their products, they try to achieve quality and convenience at the same time.

These two products are often suggested to be used side by side. The Stress Coat is used to remove chlorine-based chemicals and heavy metals that accumulate in the tank from the tap water. But Stress Zyme is going to help with reducing waste. This increases the management of waste more efficiently.

As they can be used together, experts often suggest that you use them side by side so that you can get the best out of them. But not everyone can afford to use these products together and need to choose which one.  


As discussed above it is suggested to go with the Stress Zyme. This will reduce the management cost of cleaning the tank often. But you need to be careful that the water that you are putting in your tank is not having high chlorine. 

Thus check the level of chlorine in the water before you introduce it to the tank. On the other hand, if you have decided to go with a Stress Coat, then you need to take care of the waste on a regular basis. It is targeted that there is not much build-up of nitrogen product in the tank which can cause a toxic environment. 

No matter which product you choose there is always something that needs to be taken care of. You just need to decide which is a more convenient substitute for your aquarium.

Also, make sure the product you are choosing is not harmful to any of the existing aquatic life. This way you get a better natural environment that you are trying to establish. 


How long does a stress coat take to Dechlorinate?

Chlorine and chloramine are eliminated from water because of dechlorination. Each time you wipe out your fish tank, playing out this task is basic. Dechlorinating substances alone can’t dechlorinate standing water until around 24 hours have passed.

What happens if you put too much Water Conditioner in the fish tank?

Too much water conditioner can kill fish. That said, not using a water conditioner is far more likely to kill a fish than using too much water conditioner. Realistically speaking, adding a water conditioner to your fish tank will not kill your fish unless you grossly exceed the recommended dosage.

Does stress coat lower nitrites?

It’s conceivable the pressure coat has expanded, and smelling salts decrease to deliver more nitrite, however, alkali is still 0.5 what test unit are you utilizing high alkali will harm skin, gills, and inside organs, and high nitrite will make fish be lazy and off food. both will kill the fish long haul.

Is API Stress Zyme a water conditioner?

Stress Zyme + Water Conditioner is ok for new or saltwater fish, spineless creatures, and plants. Stress Zyme + Water Conditioner keeps the aquarium cleaner and decreases upkeep. Every teaspoon contains north of 300 million live microorganisms that review and break up difficult-to-clean soil and muck.

Can you use a Stress Coat and aquarium salt together?

We utilize salt since it adds electrolytes, as well as forestall infections before they start. We likewise add a Stress Coat to each water change to condition the water, as well as when we are adding fish. It is vital to make sure to just add how much salt to cover the water you eliminated from water changes.

Final Words

Once you figure out what are the benefits and functionality you get from Stress Coat And Stress Zyme it becomes easier to decide which way to go, Stress Coat Or Stress Zyme. Both of these products can be used together and separately. Deciding on what is your goal to pursue you can easily choose one.

Also before you decide on anything, make sure they are on your budget. If you can’t afford to buy them together, read the necessity of your aquatic life in the tank and then choose the one. All the factors that can affect your purchase have been described above in detail. The cleaner your tank is, the more healthy your aquatic lies are going to be.

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