Sparkling Gourami Male Vs Female: Recognize for Breeding

Sparkling Gourami both male and female are sparkly in nature. They almost have a similar pattern of physical appearance. If you are trying to breed the fish it is necessary to distinguish the male and female. Thus it is important to have proper knowledge about Sparkling Gourami male vs female.

When you see Sparkling Gourami in general it is not easy to distinguish their gender. For this, you need to have a closer look at their color. The color of the male fish is more vibrant than the female fish. Especially in the breeding season. Also when they get to a mature age the female fish gets ovary development in the transparent area of the fish. 

It is comparatively easier to recognize the two genders of Sparkling Gourami in the mating season rather than in general. Especially at an early age, they have similar body structure and movement activities. Once you recognize them and put them for breeding it is necessary to pay attention to their differences and take care of the new generation of Sparkling Gourami.

Table To Recognise Male And Female Sparkling Gourami

FeaturesMale Sparkling Gourami Female Sparkling Gourami 
Color VibrantLess vibrant
Organ In Transparent Area No ovaries or other organOvaries 
Movement In Breeding SeasonCreates bubbles and moves back in forthNo change

Difference Between Sparkling Gourami Male And Female

Sparkling Gourami Male And Female Comparison


A major difference between males and females is the color of the two genders. Among the two genders, the male is more vibrant in color than the female Sparkling Gourami. 

Even though both of the genders have sparkle in them, the blink of the male is comparatively more than the female fish. Identifying the gender based on color gets easier if you already know that one of the fishes you have is male or female. Then you can compare them side-by-side and see which one is more vibrant in color. 

Presence Of Ovaries

Presence Of Ovaries in Sparkling Gourami

The difference between male and female Sparkling Gourami is in organ development. The identification process is most visible when the male and female Sparkling Gourami gets older. 

Sparkling Gourami has a visible lateral line in your body. Under the line, there is a transparent part of the body. At a young age, you will see that both genders have no organ in the transparent part. But when they get to the breeding age the female fish grows a triangular-shaped organ. It is the ovary. 

If you cannot see them in natural light, put them under direct light. The way people see the fertilization of chicken eggs is the same way you can see the ovary of the female Sparkling Gourami. With the male Sparkling Gourami, there is always a transparent look. 

Movement In Breeding Season

When the fishes are ready to breed in the breeding season you will see some behavioral changes in the male Sparkling Gourami. It will create a bubble nest around it. It is to attract females.  

The male Sparkling Gourami tries to entice the female fish by making a swimming gesture. They will continuously swim back and forth. During this period they will flare their fins and raise their tail to get recognized.

Similarities Between Sparkling Gourami Male And Female

The similarities between the male and the female Sparkling Gourami are uncounty. The shape and size of the two genders are similar to each. Unless it is the breeding season the food habits and the other requirements for survival are also similar. 

If you are placing Sparkling Gourami in the aquarium when they are just fish fry, it is difficult to differentiate between them. Even if you can use color patterns to distinguish between the genders it is not much visible at the earliest age. 

Here are some physical descriptions of Sparkling Gourami between both genders.


Sparkling Gourami has a pointy head. It is triangular in shape where the wide part is equal to the tummy part of the fish. 


The eyes of Sparkling Gourami are blue in Shade. And like the body, it is also sparkling. It sparks more in the presence of light. 

Tales And Fans

The tails and fins of Sparkling Gourami are flowy in nature. They are a bit elongated at the tip. The sparkles are present and they help them to attract each other during the mating season. 

Taking Care Of Sparkling Gourami

Sparkling Gourami Swimming in Aquarium

Here are some tips on the care of Sparkling Gourami if you are planning to increase them in number.

  • The size of the tank is not an important factor in the case of Sparkling Gourami. Mostly because of its small size. A 3 to 5 gallon tank is enough in such a case. But don’t overcrowd the aquarium.
  • Try to maintain an acidic water condition. In alkaline water, they grow slowly and the breeding process is difficult. 
  • The ideal pH balance for the fish Sparkling Gourami is 5.5 to 7.0.
  • Sparkling Gourami is a tropical fish. It needs a temperature between 75°F to 80°F.


Do Female Sparkling Gouramis Croak?

Sparkling Gourami is one of a handful of fish that make a discernible clamor. While you may be enticed to consider off-putting vocal lines the guilty party, their “croaking” sound comes from changed pectoral-balance ligaments and muscles.

How To Do Sparkling Gourami Mate?

The rearing begins with the male sparkling gourami building a home around the places of refuge in the tank utilizing their froth and spit. Place an Anubias plant in the rearing tank to assist them with making a home. The culmination of the home is trailed by the pursuing system among the male and the female sparkling gourami.

Can Honey Gourami And Sparkling Gourami Live Together?

Honey gourami fish are extremely tranquil and can be bashful whenever kept with huge fish. So just keep them close to other quiet fish. Great honey gourami tank mates incorporate tetras, livebearers that like delicate, acidic water, more modest points, sparkling gourami, and rasboras!

Do Sparkling Gouramis Need To Be In Pairs?

Sparkling Gouramis are not tutoring fish but rather they like to be in gatherings of five or six. They are very quiet yet at times can be forceful toward different guys. They are extremely serious with regard to having their domain.

How Many Gouramis Should Be Kept Together?

At least four gouramis ought to be held together. Gouramis flourish best when kept in gatherings, and four is the smallest proper gathering size. In the event that you don’t have the space for four gouramis or more, take a stab at keeping them two by two to forestall pressure and weariness. You ought to be mindful so as not to pack the tank.

Final Words

Sparkling Gourami is one of the most attractive fish to put in the aquarium. Even if you buy the baby Sparkling Gourami from a pet shop, it is difficult to tell the difference between them. Knowing about Sparkling Gourami male vs female helps you to identify them.

This identification is special and necessary when you are planning to breed them. Once the breeding is done you will need to put the female in a separate place to take special care of it.

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