Mystery Snail Growth Chart- Assess Your Snail’s Health

Mystery snails are one of the most common habitants in hobbyists’ aquariums. As a fast-growing and calm-natured species, people love to keep them in their fish tanks too.

Hence, hobbyists search for mystery snail growth charts to understand if their mystery snails are in a perfect stage or not.

As I have been nurturing mystery snails in my aquarium for a long time, I have gathered experience and growth information about them.

Here I want to show you those statistics or charts of mystery snail growing habits along with the factors that inhibit or accelerate the mystery snail growth.

Mystery Snail Growth Chart

Here comes the main part of the mystery snail growth chart. This means the increment in the size of the mystery snails within time. 

If the normal growth rate of mystery snails is continued, it becomes 0.2 inches within a month. Though they take almost 2 years to get the perfect maturity, they become able to reproduce and complete other works within 6-8 months.

Here I will show you the common mystery snail growth chart so that you can understand the actual growth habits of the species. 

Age (months)Shell length (inches)

Here is a graphical chart to better understand.

Age months vs. Shell length inches

Why Do I Need to Know Mystery Snail Growth Chart?

You already know about the mystery snail growth chart. But sometimes a question also arises: why do we need to go through a mystery snail growth chart?

Here I am explaining this answer too. A mystery snail growth chart will help you track the growth and development of your mystery snail over time. 

This is useful in several cases. If you’re interested in monitoring its health, the information on the growth chart will help you to relate the growth rate with health issues as healthy snails show perfect growth rates.

Along with ensuring it’s growing at a healthy rate, you can also identify any potential issues or diseases by comparing their growth with the chart.

By recording measurements and observing changes in its shell size, you can easily understand its overall well-being. As a result, you will be able to make any necessary adjustments to its care routine.

Mystery Snail Normal Growth Rate

From my entire experience, I found that mystery snails have a relatively higher growth rate than other snails. They take almost 6 to 8 months to reach their full size which is 1 to 2 inches.

On average, I can say that they tend to grow about 1/4 to 1/2 inch (0.6 to 1.3 cm) per month if you can provide optimum conditions for them.

This size is typically around 2 inches in shell diameter. During their growth period, they undergo a series of shell moults. This means shedding their old shell and forming a new one.

Though the growth rate of mystery snails can be influenced by several factors, as I will describe formerly, their growth rate is still considered faster.

It’s important to note that you may see individual snails within the same batch exhibiting slightly different growth rates. This happens due to genetic variation and environmental factors. 

That’s why I recommend regular observation of your mystery snails’ growth and health to ensure they are developing properly. To make these facts more clear, I am mentioning the snail growth factors here.

What Affects Mystery Snail Growth Rate?

1. Water Parameters

As mystery snails need to complete their entire life cycle in the water ecosystem, the components of water should be at a perfect range for their growth. 

In this case, water parameters including temperature, pH, hardness, and ammonia levels can all affect their growth. Other nutrient materials like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium levels should also be maintained properly. 

For your convenience, I want to mention the optimal conditions of water that they need for their proper habitation.

  • Temperature- 72-82°F (22-28°C)
  • pH- around 7.0
  • Ensure good water quality by performing regular water changes (20-30% weekly) and using a reliable filter.
  • Stable nutrient materials like nitrogen phosphorus and all. You can check these measurements from my website as they vary from tank to tank.

2. Diet

As you know, diet is the most important issue for mystery snail growth. Mystery snails are commonly found as herbivores, primarily feeding on algae and plant matter. 

A balanced diet that includes algae wafers, blanched vegetables, and calcium-rich foods can contribute to healthier growth. You can provide only one of them or a varied and mixed diet.

Also, snail foods are available for them in the market. You can buy them from your local aquarium shops or online websites. 

3. Calcium Availability

If you study the growth factors of mystery snails,  you will find that adequate calcium is essential for mystery snails for their overall development. 

As I found from my experience, snails need calcium to build up and repair their shells. If the water lacks calcium, the snails’ shells become thin. Sometimes, it may deform too.

Such failings affect the snail growth rate badly by stopping the normal development process of mystery snails.

4. Tank Size

You may be confused about how a tank can affect the snail growth. But it’s also related to the case of providing a perfect environment for the plant.

A larger tank with plenty of space always allows snails to move around and forage more. At first time, I was not aware of the fact and kept them in a small tank.

But, at that time, my snails didn’t grow properly. Then, I transferred them into a new one and noticed that a large tank promotes better growth compared to being confined in a small space.

5. Companions

Next, the factor can be their tank mates which you have placed with them in the tank. The presence of fish or other tankmates always affects the growth of mystery snails positively or negatively. 

If you put any aggressive or stress-inducing tank mates in your tank, they may hinder the growth of mystery snails by creating stressed conditions.

6. Genetic Issue

Sometimes, you may see that some snails are not growing much like other standard-sized snails despite having enough food and facilities. 

Here I want to say that genetic factors play a role in the snails’ growth. Some snails may have inherent differences in growth rates which are like dwarf species.

If you have any species like that, the growth won’t increase much due to their genetic makeup. Hence, be sure of the genetic issues of the snail.

7. Health 

Lastly, the fact that I am going to describe the health condition of the mystery snail. As you know, a healthy snail is more likely to grow well. 

That’s why avoid introducing sick or stressed snails to your tank. These snails may negatively impact the other’s growth by spreading diseased pathogens.

How to Speed Up Mystery Snail Growth Rate?

Tank Setup

Firstly, you have to provide a suitable tank environment with plenty of space and hiding spots so that they remain free from stress.


Provide a variety of high-quality foods that I have already mentioned in the previous section. 

Also, supplement their diet with calcium-enriched foods like cuttlebone or crushed eggshells to support shell growth.

Occasionally, provide a high-protein treatment like bloodworms to supplement their diet more.


Allow the snails to have a proper light cycle of 10-12 hours a day to encourage natural behavior and balanced metabolism.

Tank Mates

Choose compatible tank mates that won’t harm or harass the snails. For this, you should especially avoid aggressive or nippy fish.

Avoid Overfeeding

Avoid overfeeding your snails. Feed them only as much as the snails can consume within a few hours. It will prevent water from being contaminated.

Adequate Calcium

As mystery snails require calcium for healthy shell development, ensure that they have access to several calcium sources.


Why do mystery snails need to thrive?

Mystery snails need a proper environment and food along with nutrients for their proper nourishment. Nutrients like calcium are an important issue for them.

Is water changing important for mystery snails’ growth?

Yeah! Regular water changing is important for mystery snails as this habit keeps the water free from pollution and other problems. Such an environment is important for the snails.

Do mystery snails need protein for their development?

Yeah! Protein works as a supplement for their food habit. That’s why if you can provide protein materials, this will be helpful for them.

Final Words

Hence, I have reached the end point of my discussion. Mostly, hobbyists love mystery snails for their calm nature along with their fast breeding rate.

If you are also a snail lover, you can also try mystery snails in your aquarium. But you should keep an eye on them if they are growing perfectly or not.

If you need more information about mystery snails, they are updated on my website. You can easily check them and apply them to your snails to ensure their proper development. 

Howard Parker

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