Long Tentacle Anemone Care: Basic Guidelines

Tentacle anemones are sea anemones. You can keep them in your aquarium to beautify your house. But how to satisfy them in an aquarium? They will not live if they don’t get like the sea environment.

So the question is, how to take Long Tentacle Anemone care?

You can take care of them by giving them sea like environment. You should keep the tank size large and sand on the bottom. Live rock and clownfish are better for them. Water flow, temperature, pH, calcium, magnesium, and lighting should be adequate. Besides, you should feed them meaty foods timely.

That’s not the end. We have given basic guidelines in this article. This article will not waste your time. Stay with us till the end.

Long Tentacle Anemone Care

A Long Tentacle Anemone beautifies the house. But to take care of it is not an easy task. You need moderate care for it. Long Tentacle Anemone care can be a hard task in the beginning.

You have nothing but to give them a sea environment. This article will help you to make a better place for the anemone.

Purple Long Tentacle Anemone care is similar to other anemones. They also live at sea. So their requirements are the same as others.



The tank size should be at least 30 gallons. A Long Tentacle Anemone can not stay in a little place. It needs a long space. The tank should have 4 inches of mud or sand. The anemone anchors its foot in the sand.

Live rock can stable them. They provide a comfortable environment and also filter the aquarium. Do not mix crushed or hard coral with the sand. The coral can injure the anemone’s foot.

Placement of Anemon

Placement of Anemon

A Long Tentacle Anemone should be placed on the bottom of the aquarium. you should give proper spaces around the anemone. The anemone should be placed centrally.

Tank Mate

Clownfish are the best tank mates for them. There is a symbiotic relationship between a clownfish and an anemone. They both take advantage of each other. The clownfish give its ammonia-rich waste products to the anemone. That waste product helps it to fertilize.

At night the anemone can not get much oxygen. The clownfish lives inside the anemone and moves a lot. That moment opens the tentacles and increases water flow. This technique helps to provide more oxygen to the anemone.

There is a lot of variant of clownfish present that they can live with symbiotically.

pH Level of Water

An anemone lives in seawater. So, you should make the water like sea water for its satisfaction. You should keep the pH of the water between 8.1 to 8.4. By this, the water would remain salty.

Phosphate Level

The phosphate level should remain below 10 ppm. Phosphate helps to grow the zooxanthellae in the anemone. But if you are keeping clownfish then the amount of phosphate must be below 10 ppm. Phosphate can endanger the life of a clownfish.

Magnesium Level

Magnesium keeps the calcium and alkaline dissolved in the water. It should be between 1260 to 1350 ppm.

Nitrate Level

Nitrate is toxic for clownfish. The excess level of nitrate helps to lead to disease. It hampers their reproduction. So it should be below ten. It will be better if the level comes closer to zero.

Calcium Level

You should keep the calcium level between 380 to 430 ppm. But don’t add more than this level. Excessive amounts of calcium will add to the coral skeleton. That can injure the anemone.

Ammonia Level

The ammonia level should be below ten ppm. Anemon throws its waste products into the water. So the level will be high if you add ammonia more. So always try to keep the level below.

Alkaline Level

The alkaline level is also important. The level should remain between 8 to 11 dKH.

Salinity Level

Salinity is related to water flow. No salinity means no water flow. The salinity level should be between 1.023 to 1.025. In this salinity, anemones can break down into osmolytes. This process helps to adjust them to the salty environment.

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Temperature of Water

The water temperature should be accurate. Environmental temperature can increase or decrease the aquarium water temperature. In that case, it is better to install a water heater. It can give the water the desired temperature. The temperature should be 72 to 82° Fahrenheit or  22.2 to 27.8° Celsius.

Flow Rate

Long Tentacle Anemone does not like direct flow or streamflow. They like gentle or soft movements. You should fix the powerhead in a place where it can get a soft movement of water. The flow should always be moderate.

Light Level

Which type of light level should they like? The Long Tentacle Anemone’s lighting requirement is moderate. Lighting should not cross more than PAR 180 to 280. 14 to 20 K color spectrum is preferable.


Long Tentacle Anemones are carnivores. They will be happy if you feed them meaty food. Long Tentacle Anemone feeding is not a hard task. It will be better if you are providing any algae or zooxanthellae or clownfish. They can get their requirements from them.

You can give them some other foods as well. Fishes, muscles, shrimps, silversides, and other meaty foods are their favorite. You need to feed them if it is out of the symbiotic process

Feeding Process and Frequency

The Long Tentacle Anemone care guide includes the feeding process. You should take a cup filled with aquarium water. Then soak the food in the water for 20-30 minutes. 

Check the softness of the food before giving them. Give the food with a stick far from the tentacles. Directly giving can injure the tentacles.

You should provide fulfill nutrients to keep it healthy. Do this process 2 to 4 times per day. By feeding them you can ensure a healthy lifestyle.

That’s all you need to do for a Long Tentacle Anemone. Remind them that they need more space. They do not like nano places. They like to live freely. A narrow space will hamper their growth and give them a feeling of suffocation. So maintain all the measurements.


Are Long Tentacle Anemones Hardy?

Yes, Long Tentacle Anemones can be hardy. Macrodactyla doreensis is one of them. They are kept in the aquarium as a hobby.

How Long Do Long Tentacle Anemones Live?

Long Tentacle Anemones can live till 80 years in seawater. They have highly surviving quality. If you give them a proper environment and care, they will live long.

Will Long Tentacle Anemone Move?

Long Tentacle Anemones will move if they do not find any suitable place. They will not stay in that place if anything like coral bothers them. In the aquarium, you should dig the sand to place them.


That’s all about today’s topic of Long Tentacle Anemone care. We have given you the most important points. Try to follow all the points. The measurements are important. Hope this article will help you with better care. If you have any quarry, inform us.

Stay safe and healthy!

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