How to Tell if Mystery Snails Eggs Are Fertile

The most common question that I faced related to mystery snails is how to tell if mystery snails’ eggs are fertile or not. I wondered! One of my aquarium specialist friends also wanted suggestions from me regarding this fact. 

With my long journey with the aquarium, I can now understand this fact easily by the presence of embryos, color, smell, hatching period of the eggs, the behavior of the adults, and float test. I believe that the recognition of fertile eggs depends upon how deeply you can notice them.

But if you want to know a detailed guide regarding this term, scroll below and find your answer from here.

6 Ways to Know If Mystery Snail Eggs Are Fertile

Fertile Mystery Snail Egg Identification

1. Presence of Embryos

In the first step, let me tell you something about the presence of embryos in the eggs. Mystery snail egg stages will make you clear about their fertility.

If your mystery snail eggs are fertile, eggs will have visible embryos growing inside them. You can gently shine a light on the eggs and look for the tiny black dots that indicate the presence of developing snails.

2. Color of the Eggs

Next, you can also identify them by their color. If you ask me, What mystery snail eggs look like, I will describe their color first. But what color are mystery snail eggs? Look, Fertile mystery snail eggs are usually bright pink or cream-colored.

They tend to be a brighter, more vivid shade of pink or white than infertile eggs. Infertile eggs may be more translucent than fertile eggs. Sometimes, you can notice mystery snail eggs turning white. If you can see this in an aquarium, you should consult an expert as it can be a symptom of a bacteria attack.

3. Smell Coming From the Eggs

Also, you can get an idea about the eggs by their smell. If the eggs are fertile, they won’t create any bad odor inside your aquarium. As a result, you can understand that the eggs will not go in vain.

4. Behavior of the Adult Snails

Trust me, adult snails can also make you sure about fertile eggs. Even at the early stage of my aquarium, when I was not aware of those methods, I used to notice the adult snail behavior to understand the fertility of the eggs.

In this case, if you find the adult snails have been mating frequently and the eggs are being laid in clusters, there is a higher likelihood that the eggs are fertile. Because the eggs laid in clusters often have the potential for emergence.

5. Float Test

To determine if the eggs are still viable, you can perform the “float test.” Carefully remove a few eggs from the clutch and place them in a container filled with water. If the eggs sink to the bottom, they are no longer viable and will not hatch. If the eggs float to the surface, they are still alive and have a chance of hatching.

6. Hatching Period

The hatching time of Mystery Snail eggs can provide you with a proper idea of whether the eggs are fertile or not. Commonly the fertile eggs will typically hatch within 2-4 weeks, while infertile eggs will simply deteriorate over time.

If you’re unsure despite using all the ways that I explained before whether the eggs are fertile, you can wait and see if any baby snails hatch from them. If the approximate time exceeds, you can easily understand that the eggs are not fertile.

Indication of Mystery Snail Infertile Eggs

Following the symptoms of fertile eggs, I thought I should provide some indications of infertile eggs too so that the difference can be clear to you. Then, let’s check them to find out if any of the symptoms are present in your aquarium or not.

No Development

Infertile eggs will not develop into snail embryos and they will remain the same size and shape for an extended period. After a few weeks, you should be able to tell if the eggs are developing or if they have stopped growing.

Egg Color

As I explained before, mystery snail eggs are typically translucent and can range in color from pale white to pinkish or orange. If the eggs turn yellow or brown, this can be a sign that they are not viable.

Egg Shape

Infertile eggs may be misshapen or deformed and they may not have the characteristic round shape of developing snail embryos.

Foul Odor

If the eggs emit a foul odor, this could be a sign that they are decaying and are not viable.

If you find such types of indications in your aquarium or fish tank, I will suggest you remove them immediately. 

How Often Do Mystery Snails Lay Eggs?

Mystery Snail Egg-Laying Frequency

According to my research, mystery snails are known to lay eggs relatively frequently, particularly under optimal conditions. In general, a single mystery snail can lay anywhere from 20 to 200 eggs at once. Some snails even can lay multiple clutches of eggs in a single breeding season.

The frequency with which mystery snails lay eggs can depend on a variety of factors, such as water temperature, water quality, the availability of food, and the presence of other snails for breeding. In general, however, these snails can lay eggs every few weeks or so under optimal conditions.

It’s worth noting that while mystery snails are capable of breeding and laying eggs frequently, not all of these eggs will necessarily hatch successfully. The success of the eggs can be affected by various factors such as water quality, temperature, and the level of care provided by the snail parents

Can Mystery Snails Lay Eggs Without a Mate?

No, mystery snails require a mate to lay fertile eggs. Mystery snails are sexual and reproduce by internal fertilization, which means that a male must transfer sperm to a female for her to lay fertile eggs.

Without a mate, any eggs that a female mystery snail lays would be infertile and will not hatch into baby snails. But, here is a twist. Some days before I saw a female snail laying eggs though I removed the last male snail from my aquarium 15 days before. Then, I found a new fact.

However, let me explain it. Female mystery snails are capable of storing sperm for several months after mating. As a result, even if a male snail is removed from the tank, the female may still lay fertile eggs for some time afterward. If you also face such a situation, don’t think that it is laying without mating.

How to Hatch Mystery Snail Eggs?

A fertile egg-laying procedure becomes successful if the hatching is successful. That’s why I want to describe the procedure of hatching mystery snail eggs shortly.

Well, mystery snail eggs are fairly easy to hatch and the process can be quite interesting to watch. I also enjoy this much. Here are the steps you can follow to hatch mystery snail eggs-

Identify the Eggs

Mystery snail eggs are usually laid above the water line, on the aquarium glass, or on the hood of the tank. The eggs are small and round, and usually translucent or white.

Prepare a Hatching Container

You will need a small container to transfer the eggs to, as they need to be submerged in water to hatch. A plastic container or a small aquarium works well for this. Fill the container with water from the same tank as the eggs, and make sure the water is at the same temperature as the tank.

Transfer the Eggs

Carefully remove the eggs from the aquarium glass or hood using a scraper or a razor blade. Try to keep the egg cluster intact, as breaking the eggs can damage the developing snails inside. Transfer the eggs to the hatching container, and submerge them in the water.

Wait for the Eggs to Hatch

Mystery snail eggs usually hatch in 2-4 weeks, depending on the temperature of the water. The ideal temperature range for hatching mystery snail eggs is between 68°F and 82°F (20°C-28°C). During this time, you may notice the eggs changing color from white to a darker, more opaque shade.

Care for the Newly Hatched Snails

Once the eggs hatch, you will have a bunch of tiny, newly hatched snails. They will need to be fed, but only very small amounts of food to avoid polluting the water. Algae wafers, blanched vegetables, and small amounts of fish flakes are good options. Keep the water clean and well-oxygenated and you should soon have healthy and happy mystery snails.

Thus, you can hatch your mystery snails properly. 

How Long Does it Take For Mystery Snail Eggs to Hatch?

The incubation period for mystery snail eggs varies depending on various factors such as water temperature, water quality, and species. Generally, mystery snail eggs take between 10 to 14 days to hatch.

During this period, the eggs will develop and change color from white to greyish color, indicating that the snails inside are fully formed and ready to hatch. Once the eggs hatch, the baby snails will emerge and start crawling around the aquarium.

But, I want to warn you in this case of a factor. Mystery snails are freshwater snails and their eggs need to be kept in a freshwater aquarium with good water quality and temperature to ensure successful hatching. Additionally, adult mystery snails may eat their eggs, you should monitor the eggs and remove them from the tank before they’re consumed.

How to Tell If Mystery Snail Eggs Are Dried Out?

As I already told you, mystery snail eggs are typically laid above the waterline and they require a moist environment to develop properly. If the eggs become dried out, they will not hatch and the embryos inside will die.

To tell if mystery snail eggs are dried out, you should look for the following signs:


The eggs should be a light pinkish color when they are healthy. If the eggs are grey or brown, it is a sign that they are dried out.


The eggs should feel slightly firm to the touch when they are healthy. If they feel hard and brittle, it is a sign that they are dried out.


The eggs should be round and plump when they are healthy. If they appear shriveled or collapsed, it is a sign that they are dried out.


Healthy mystery snail eggs will float on the water’s surface. If they sink to the bottom, it is a sign that they are dried out.

If you suspect that your mystery snail eggs are dried out, you can try to rehydrate them by carefully misting them with water. If mystery snail eggs fell into the water, only then you can save them. But, if they are too far gone, however, they will not be able to hatch and you will need to remove them from the aquarium.

How to Remove Mystery Snail Infertile Eggs?

If you suspect that your mystery snail’s eggs are infertile, you can remove them from the aquarium to prevent them from decaying and potentially harming the water quality. For this purpose, you can follow the below-mentioned steps-

Identify the Infertile Eggs

Mystery snail eggs are round and typically laid on hard surfaces above the waterline. Infertile eggs are usually white or translucent and will not develop into snails.

Use a Scraper

Gently scrape the eggs off the surface using a plastic scraper or credit card. Be careful not to damage the surface or any nearby snail eggs that may be fertile.

Dispose of the Eggs

Place the infertile eggs in a bag or container and dispose of them in the trash. Do not dispose of them in bodies of water as they can still contain harmful bacteria.

Monitor for New Eggs

Mystery snails can lay up to 200 eggs at a time, so it is important to monitor the area for new eggs and repeat the process if necessary.


How do I care for mystery snail eggs until they hatch?

Mystery snail eggs need to be kept moist and humid to prevent them from drying out. You can mist them with water or keep them in a container with a damp paper towel. It’s also important to keep the eggs at a consistent temperature.

Do mystery snail eggs need to be fertilized to hatch?

Yes, mystery snail eggs need to be fertilized by a male snail to hatch. Female snails are capable of laying eggs even if they have not mated, but these eggs will not hatch.

What should I do if I find fertile mystery snail eggs in My aquarium?

If you want to keep the baby snails, it’s best to leave the eggs in the aquarium and allow them to hatch naturally. However, if you don’t want more snails in your aquarium, you can remove the egg clutch and dispose of it carefully. Be sure not to break the eggs, as this can release harmful bacteria into the water.

How many eggs does Mystery Snail lay

Mystery Snails can lay anywhere between 75 and 200 eggs in a single clutch. However, it’s important to note that not all eggs may be viable. Factors such as water conditions and parental health can affect the success rate of hatching.

Final Words

So, have you gotten all over ideas to understand how to tell if mystery snail eggs are fertile or not? If you are new to the aquarium world, you may face some problems in noticing them. But as soon as you learn to notice their condition properly, you will be able to identify them soon.

I have tried to focus on every point about mystery snail egg fertility. But, if you still want to know more about other facts related to mystery snails, you can have a look at my website.

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