How to Clean Test Tubes API – Step By Step

To maintain the parameters of the tank water this test kit is very important. Now that you own one, you must be wondering about how to clean test tubes API.

Well, before using the kit, you have to follow the entire instruction and know how to clean the test tubes after use. Otherwise, the kit might not show the appropriate result. Hence, proper cleaning is necessary once you use your API test tube kit.

However, cleaning the kit is easy once you know how to do it properly. Since you are on this site to find the same answer, let us have your back. We will discuss the topic in detail so, bear with us till the end.

When Does Test Tubes API Need Cleaning?

Api Master Test Kit

It is very obvious that you just cannot work with uncleaned test tubes. It will not bring you the exact result. In fact, cleaning is the first and foremost rule that has to be ensured before getting started.

In the case of API test tubes, they have to have a neat and clean surface along with a smooth interior. Thus, you need to know when you must clean the API test tubes.

1. Chemical Attach

Through the experimental process, the API test tubes might get attached to some chemical components. You have to clean the chemicals from the test tube. You might have used bleach which is a chemical component in the process.

So, next time when you are about to use the same test tube kit, you have to make sure you have cleaned the test tubes well. Moreover, you must use the test tubes to measure the calcium and magnesium present in the aquarium.

Moreover, to measure nitrate components and other toxic chemicals in the fish tank, test tube API kits are always compatible. Thus, these chemicals in test tubes have to be cleaned on time.

2. Spills

Your test tube API might also be the victim of several spills during the process. Like getting in touch with general water or somehow, latex might spill over the tube surface. In these particular cases, you have to ensure proper cleaning. You just cannot leave the test tubes like that for a long time.

3. Raw Materials

If you see the API test tubes are anyhow touching any raw materials then you must clean the tubes. The raw materials could be anything like graphite, paste, or others.

These elements can damage the test tube in the long term. Furthermore, they can even contaminate other test kits or lab equipment. In fact, they can affect the surrounding environment as well.

So, leaving the test tubes uncleaned for a longer period will be harmful to both human beings and the environment.

A Test Tube and A Bottle Are Not the Same!

Yes, before you work with the API test tubes, you have to understand the fact that, these two are not the same. There are certain differences.

Test tubes are small containers with a pipe-like structure. They do not have any closure. Moreover, test tubes are mainly used for several laboratory tests. They are used for taking powders, liquids, or any other chemical components.

On the other hand, bottles are a bit large in size and have closures. They are also mostly made of plastic. You might also find bottles in a laboratory since they are great container for chemical components.

How to Clean Test Tubes API – Discussed In Steps

rest tube API cleaning with brush

Test tubes are not complicated devices. They are just pipe-like tubes. Nothing is exceptional with the API test tubes. To run your API properly, you have to clean and maintain it on a regular basis.

However, the cleaning process of these AIP test tubes is quite tedious. Nonetheless, there are several ways to clean them. Among them, an alcohol bath so far is the best way to consider. Also, many people use alkaline detergent to clean the test tubes.

Required Materials

  • A Cleaning Solution
  • Soapy water
  • Test tube brush
  • Glass jar
  • Goggles
  • Mask
  • Rubber gloves

These are some materials that you will need to clean off the test tube stuff.

Step – 1: First, wear protective gear

This is the first and foremost thing to do before you get to deal with any cleaning of lab equipment. Wear a lab coat first. Also, it is important to wear goggles and gloves since your skin and eyes are very sensitive to chemicals.

Therefore, protecting yourself first is the most important thing. So, ensure protective gear before getting started with the cleaning process.

Step – 2: Preparing the API Test Tubes

Preparing the test tube API is the second thing you have to do. For the preparation, fill a sink with warm soapy water. Then submerge all your API test tubes in the water. Also, keep swirling the test tubes around for proper cleaning.

Also, make sure to wash your hands properly and thoroughly before starting. Then rinse all your test tubes with warm water. Then, place them on the tubes.

Step – 3: Clean with the Solution

Now it is time to clean the test tubes with a proper cleaning solution. For the solution, you can take sodium hypochlorite. It works as a bleach and a great disinfectant. Take the solution and pour it into the test tubes.

Make sure that the solution reaches the bottom of every test tube. Also, keep swirling around the test tubes with the solution so that it cleans the entire surface inside the test tube. Do this process for about a few seconds.

Step – 4: Use a Pipette

Now, with the help of a pipette suck some of the solutions from the test tube. Then squirt the solution back into the tube to create a force. Keep doing the process several times with the pipette.

The force will eventually clean up inside the API test tubes. You just have to keep blowing the solution inside the tube until it gets properly cleaned.

Step – 5: Finally, Rinse and Dry

Last but not least task is to rinse the test tube API. When you realize your API test tubes are clean enough, it is time to rinse them with warm water. However, distilled water is preferable in this case.

After, rinsing properly, dry the API test tubes. You can use a paper towel to help yourself with the drying process of these test tubes.

When the API test tubes are dry, congratulations! You are done with the task.

Tips While Cleaning Test Tubes API

  • API test tubes are very sensitive since in most cases, they are made of plastic. Thus, they might break if the water force is too much or you accidentally overheat them. Therefore, they require extra attention while cleaning.
  • Moreover, you should not use too much water while cleaning the test tube API. Otherwise, the humidifier of the internal part might get too hot. Consequently, it may also melt the plastic tubes. So, big damage to your device might take place.
  • Again, when you are cleaning the test tubes API, make sure to clean them as much as possible so that there are no contaminants. Otherwise, the foreign objects or toxic residue will turn into hazardous materials and eventually will contaminate other devices.
  • Then again, you have to ensure that the surfaces do not have any dust or other elements where you are about to clean the test tubes and keep them. Therefore, clean up the surfaces very well.
  • Also, make sure that everything is well cleaned when you are about to re-install your device in the storage.

Things To Consider Before Cleaning Test Tubes API

Know When to Clean the Test Tubes

You might know that when you make any change to your API test tubes, the database will be updated by default. So, if you take too much time to clean the test tubes, the change may become drastic.

Hence, it will not be wise to take too much time to clean the test tubes API. Only this way, the device will provide you with the right measurement.

Prepare Downtime

It is important if you do not want to restore the data manually. Restoring manually takes time and might not work out successfully. So, before you start cleaning the API test tubes it is better to prepare the downtime.


How Do You Clean A Test Tube?

Well, the cleaning of the test tube is easy and we have already stated above how to do it. However, you might be confused while selecting the right solution. Though you can also use water to clean it yet for making the test tube disinfectant rather you should use an alcohol solution or saline solution.

How Do You Fill An API Test Tube?

Filling the API test tube is easy. You just have to be a bit careful. First, keep the test tube in its place, and then take a pipette to fill the tube with liquid. You can fill the tube with your desired measurement.

Is The API PH Test Accurate?

For getting a quick check of your tank water pH, the API pH test is certainly a great help. It also offers an accurate measurement. Moreover, the test strips can measure wider ranges of pH. They can measure pH between 6.0-9.0 ppm. Hence, the API pH test allows the aquarium to obtain the right pH that is safe for the tank organisms.

Final Words

Now that you know how to clean test tubes API, you should not leave them uncleaned anymore. Otherwise, they might alter the results of the water test in the aquarium.

Moreover, damaged or cracked test tubes will harbor bacteria that will harm the aquarium fish instead. Again, it is very crucial to retain the water parameters of the aquarium.

If you do not ensure them, you might find your precious fish or corals are losing their color or dying slowly.

Therefore, clean the API test tubes and enjoy the beauty of your aquarium for a longer period of time. Also, if our guideline was helpful enough then leave your feedback too. We will also reply to your queries.

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