Frogspawn Coral Not Fully Open? Find Solutions Here

Frogspawn Coral doesn’t stress the owner much to survive. They open up and close down timely is an indication that they are healthy. But in some cases Frogspawn Coral not opening fully can indicate some severe reason.

Whenever the Frogspawn Coral is refusing to open up it might be because the Corak is taking some time to get adjusted to the environment. But some other times there might be some imbalance in the water parameters. The issue is serious when the Coral gets infected by diseases like Brown Jelly Disease. This disease is deadly for your coral and needs to be taken care of.

The post is going to help you to identify the reason behind the Frogspawn Coral refusing to open partially or fully and how it should be taken care of. 

5 Reasons Why Frogspawn Coral is Not Opening- Solutions

Frogspawn Coral Mouth Open Issues

1. New Placement

Whenever a new coral of any sort is placed in a new environment they take some time. During this period they get familiar with the new factors of the environment and prepare themselves. 

The duration of the adaptation period is different for different species. For Frogspawn Coral the period can get lengthy if the new environment is hugely different from the old one. 

Sometimes even if the other corals like Hammer Coral are put along with Frogspawn Coral you will see they are already bloomed but Frogspawn Coral is taking more time. This can make you tense but it is not always bad. It becomes concerning if the time is more than 3 to 4 weeks.


If you are planning to place a new Frogspawn Coral into your aquarium, it is mandatory that you try to provide a friendly environment for the coral. Try to replicate the natural habitat by lowering the use of harsh chemicals. 

Sometimes it is actually a good sign that the coral is taking some time to bloom. It means it is adapting to the surroundings. It will lessen the number of problems that can arise later on. 

If you are placing a new Frogspawn Coral in a tank where there is already an existing Frogspawn Coral, then place them close to each other. This way the new coral’s adaptation will be easier. It will take less time to open.

Again if the coral is open but not opening fully then try to find other reasons that can cause irritation for the coral.

2. Water Parameter

Water parameters are very important factors for corals. Frogspawn Corals have specific requirements for calcium, alkalinity, and other factors of aquariums. When these parameters are not in the desired amount the coral tends to get upset and refuses to open up.

When the coral is not opening up due to the imbalance of water conditions it can be alarming. Excess or deficiency of any of the factors can cause permanent damage. In the worst case, you will get to see the skeleton of the coral.


To get the best look from Frogspawn Coral it is necessary to balance the parameters of the water. Here is how to take care of that.


Calcium is one of the necessary ingredients that Frogspawn Coral thrives on. Basically, calcium is one of the elements that build the structural part of Frogspawn Coral. The ideal level of calcium in your aquarium should be 390 ppm to 460 ppm. 

But do not add calcium manually to the level of 460 ppm at a time. Rather add a small amount approximately 5 ppm at a time. Add the calcium every other day and gradually reach 460 ppm. After adding calcium do a regular test if the level is maintained or not. API CALCIUM TEST KIT can help you in this matter. 

pH Balance

For any Coral, alkalinity is a very important factor. If you think about the natural habitat of the Frogspawn Coral, it is actually found in the ocean and the sea. Thus the nature of water is more alkaline than fresh water. 

Therefore it is important that the water has a higher level of pH. Even though the ideal level of pH is 8.2, you can keep Frogspawn Coral between 8 to 8.5. Less than 8 will decay the Coral and more than 8.5 will make the Coral weak. 

If the pH level is less than 8, you can use baking soda as an enhancer. Mix the soda gradually in the water and check the level. Don’t raise the pH drastically. It will disrupt the other aquatic life in the aquarium. 

Flow of Water

The water flow is necessary for the Frogspawn Coral to bloom. The coral needs the water to cause tickling in them. When the water flows through Frogspawn Coral the tentacles and the polyps get a flowy nature. Its external help to Bloom the coral. 


Temperature is another important variable in the openings of Frogspawn Coral. In nature, the Frogspawn Coral prefers to have a warm environment. You need to create that environment in your aquarium. 

Frogspawn Coral enhances its beauty the most at 78° Fahrenheit. The most tolerable temperature is 80° Fahrenheit. Any temperature more than this stresses the coral and it closes up. If the temperature of the aquarium is high, then changing the water partially can help a lot. Also, if the aquarium is under direct light, keep it in a shady place for a few hours. 

In case the temperature is too low you can always use a water heater to increase the temperature. The balance of temperature makes the Frogspawn Coral bloom in time and gives an aesthetic look to your aquarium.

3. Imbalance of Light

Frogspawn Coral doesn’t live in the deep sea. Rather it lives on the upper layer of the sea. Where it gets light in sufficient amounts. Thus by nature, the Frogspawn Coral needs light to survive. 

In the absence of light, the coral gets dimmed and closed up. During the nighttime, the Coral closes up like it’s in sleeping mode. Similarly, in the absence of proper lighting, the coral will close up even in daylight. 


For your Frogspawn Coral to bloom properly put it under sunlight for moderate to intense light. But don’t put it directly under the sun. Otherwise, it will raise the temperature of the aquarium.

Maintain 130 to 200 PAR for the best blooming of the coral. You can always use a PAR meter. This will help to balance the lighting. This is more useful if you are using daylight. 

If you are completely dependent on an artificial lighting system, then ensure the Coral is getting at 16 hours of light at max. Keep the spectrum between 410 to 460. After 16 hours of light, ensure that the Coral is in complete darkness or at least a dim light. 

The balance of dark and light plays an important role in the health of the Coral. They produce and nourish their energy during this dark phase. 

4. Brown Jelly Disease

Brown Jelly Disease of Coral

Brown Jelly Infection is a serious disease for Frogspawn Coral. It is a deadly infection if not taken care of in time. The disease is caused by the attack of Bacteria, Protozoans, and dead tissue of the Coral.

You can identify this infection both visually and by smell. It appears in jelly form forming a thick layer surrounding the Coral. It is brown in color and quite smelly. Due to this infection, the Coral gets weak and changes color to dull brown. And then gradually as the disease spreads, the Coral dies. 


To prevent Brown Jelly Disease the best measure is to use UV lamps in your aquarium. There are several UV Lamps available on the market. These lamps work best to prevent any germ formation.

In some cases, these lamps even destroy the organism that causes Brown Jelly Disease before it comes in contact with the Coral.

When the matter comes to cure, it is quite unfortunate. There is no specific medicine that you can use to get rid of the disease. But over time owners have used some helpful techniques.

Step 1: Get Rid of The Infected Part

First, you will have to take out the infected coral from the aquarium. Then gently cut off the infected part. Ensure that all of the infected parts are taken care of. Leaving any infected part will increase the disease. 

Step 2: Soaking In Iodine

Take some Lugol’s Iodine. Then mix the iodine with seawater. Now dip the healthy part of the coral into the mixture. Depending on the severity of the disease keep the Frogspawn Coral in the solution for 10 to 40 minutes. 

Step 3: Put The Coral Away

Even after cleaning the Coral keep it in a separate container. This will help the affected Coral to recover fast. Also if there is any infection left, it will not spread to other Corals. 

5. Aquatic Mates

The organisms that are living with the Frogspawn Coral can sometimes stress out the Coral. And when they are stressed they refuse to open up.

Frogspawn Coral is aggressive. They use their tentacles to sting other species. When they are accompanied by similar nature, they start fighting with each other and get hurt in the process. 

Also, there are some fishes and other aquatic animals that can cause harm to the Coral. Thus at the end, you will see your Frogspawn Coral is not spreading out.


Note that never put two aggressive species of Coral in the same place. Thus don’t put any Hammer Coral or Torch Coral with Frogspawn Coral. They will harm each other.

Also avoid putting Dwarf Angels, Filefish, Foxface, and Puffer with Frogspawn Coral in the same tank. They cause tension to the Coral by nibbling on it. It causes physical damage. 


How Long Does It Take For Frogspawn Coral To Open?

Frogspawn coral can take 2 to 3 weeks to Bloom fully. But if the Coral is taking more than 4 weeks then it is time that you took a look into the condition of the Coral and the environment of the aquarium. There can be some other reason rather than adjusting to the new environment. 

Can Frogspawn Survive In A Bucket?

Depends on how enormous the bucket is yet it’s not great. The jellied mass will rapidly ruin the water and afterward, you have the issue of many hungry mouths with nothing to benefit from, they likewise have a primitive stage.

Why Has My Frogspawn Died?

There are heaps of variables that influence whether produce crates: it very well might be to do with the frogs, it could be to do with the lake. The most widely recognized reason for generating disappointment is the absence of light and late ice. Frogspawn needs a ton of light and a ton of warmth to grow appropriately, so obscure lakes are not really great for generating.

Can You Put Frogspawn In Tap Water?

Unpolluted lake water or downpour water is great for frogspawn coral. Try not to put Frogspawn into faucet water except if it has been permitted to represent around three days. The water ought to be changed no less than two times per week to stay away from tainting.

Does Frogspawn Coral-Like High Flow?

Guaranteeing there’s a sufficient water stream is a significant piece of frogspawn coral consideration. You’ll need to go for the gold measure of water stream with this coral, yet a touch higher can be endured if totally fundamental (on the off chance that it’s vital for other life in your tank for instance).

Final Words

Frogspawn corals not opening fully or partially during the daytime should not be avoided if they are placed in the aquarium for a long time. This can be for some minor reason but sometimes they are stressed by severe diseases. No matter what the reason is, it should be taken care of as soon as possible. 

It is important to remember that corals are a natural habitat. For them to survive in a man-made environment you need to give them at least a replica of their natural habitat. Otherwise, they will refuse to survive in their natural glory. 

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