Fluval vs Eheim Canister Filter- Choose the Best One

Last year, one of my friends asked me to clarify the differences between a Fluval and an Eheim canister filter with their pros and cons.

But unfortunately, I tried only Fluval at that time and that’s why I couldn’t answer him properly. Then I thought before sharing the topic I should experience them personally so that I can provide some reliable information. 

Maintaining these two filters at a time was a little troublesome for me. But I am glad to say that now I know their excellency and weakness. 

Let’s discuss them in detail so that you can also get yours without any confusion.

Eheim Canister Filter 

To distinguish between these filters, first, we should know about their features separately so that every point becomes clear to us. Let me provide the features of the Eheim canister filter-

  • The Eheim canister filter is a loveable option for me as I can rely on its efficiency and reliability. As far as I know, Eheim filters are designed to provide enough mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration for aquariums.
  • It holds a container that includes different filtration media like sponges, ceramic rings, and activated carbon. 
  • The water is drawn into the canister, passes through the media, and is then returned to the tank, ensuring a thorough filtration process.
  • They don’t make excessive noise ensuring a quiet operation.
  • Possess sturdy build quality that results in ease of maintenance. 
  • Additionally, Eheim includes quick-release valves and priming mechanisms to simplify installation and upkeep.

Fluval Canister Filter 

Now, let’s talk about the Fluval canister filter. Here are the notable sides of the canister filters-

  • Known for their efficiency and versatility. 
  • They utilize a multi-stage filtration process, ensuring optimal water quality for aquatic environments. 
  • With various models catering to different tank sizes, they offer customizable media baskets that induce easy maintenance features. 
  • They also ensure a quiet operation system as they are free from producing any annoying sound.
  • The design promotes efficient water flow, trapping debris and supporting beneficial bacteria growth. 

Fluval vs Eheim Canister Filter- Differences

1. Priming 

First of all, why don’t you consider the priming procedure of these two filters? As I found, priming is easier in Fluval than in Eheim.

While priming in a Fluval filter, you just have to flow the water in the hose and close the lid. After that, plug on the filter and it will start working. 

If it gets off on its own, it will immediately start working again. But the term won’t be so easy for the Eheim canister filter as this has a unique priming system.

To operate this, I had to suck a little air from the hose through my mouth and then it started to flow water. 

After that, I reattached the hose and turned on the plug. Then, it started to work properly by drawing water. Though this was not a difficult matter, compared to the Fluval, it is a little hectic. 

2. Installation 

Next, turn to the installation process. As I have installed both of the filters, I found installing Eheim easier than Fluval.

There is a 45° angle between the inlet and outlet hose and that makes the Fluval installation a bit difficult.

You may sometimes feel it is a headache if the installation guideline is not complete. But the problem is made over by the reusable mechanical media. This point can catch a lot of junk materials together out of the water.

Contradictorily, Eheim filter installation is a mind-blowing process. You don’t need to take extra care of it. Just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers and you will find it incredibly simple. 

3. Maintenance 

The most frequent questions that I get from my friends and neighbors are about their maintenance. Trust me, both of the filters are incredibly simple to handle.

In the case of Eheim, the intake hose is initiated from the bottom of the canister so the water can be drained out easily.

Pouring the water by loosening the media and rinsing out the sponges are the only activities in this case. On the other hand, Fluval offers an easier maintenance procedure than Eheim.

As it has a central handle, it brings out all the media baskets from the apex. The quick-connect valves make the handling process easier and faster than others.

4. Filtration Capacity 

Compared to other terms, the difference between their filtration capacity can help you the most to choose one of them. I have installed both of these filters in my tanks for direct supervision. 

From that experience, I can surely suggest a Fluval canister filter. I also continued a GPH experiment so that I could clearly understand their capacity scientifically. 

Then, I found that the Fluval filter motor can pump out by itself at a high range that is not so mentionable in the Eheim filter. 

GPH provides an idea about the amount of water that a motor cam pumps in one hour. In that measurement, Fluval is undoubtedly better than Eheim.

5. Quietness

Lastly, let me talk about something about their sound-producing issues. A filter producing a huge sound is annoying to use. That’s why I always search for a filter that doesn’t produce extra sound.

In this case, if you think of an Eheim canister filter, it creates less sound than other filters. But the Fluval sound is even less than Eheim. 

From the general vibe, you can easily understand that Fluval works more silently than Eheim. But to make it more clear, I made a small test using a handheld decibel meter.

After testing, I found that Eheim produces 51-decibel sounds while working. On the other hand, the measurement is 49 for Fluval which scientifically proves that Fluval is much more silent than Eheim.

Which One is the Best- Fluval or Eheim? 

If you ask me for a decision based on the upper portions, I can declare that the over-fluval canister filter is the best between them. But to some extent, Eheim is also better than Fluval.

For example, think about the installation process. Fluval won’t offer you an easy installation process like Eheim. Suppose, if you can’t install the filter properly, then how can it serve you? 

In this respect, maybe you are thinking of Eheim. Frankly speaking, I suggest the Eheim filter for beginners as they make mistakes in installing Fluval. 

But if you are skilled enough in filter operation though being a beginner, you can take a Fluval. Again, Fluval will cost you much in the case of any exchange or breakdown.

But, in that case, Eheim won’t be too expensive for you if you buy it or need to change any part. Additionally, if you have a 30-40 gallon tank, you need not install a Fluval as it is best suited for 100-200 gallon tanks.

In that case, if your tank is small, you can take an Eheim canister filter. Otherwise, for big tanks, you should take a Fluval filter. 

From the detailed discussion, hopefully, you have understood that I can’t burst out with a name that must be taken. 

You have to first observe your tank size, fish species, water quality, expenses, and obviously, your operating skill. Then, decide what you need. An Eheim or a Fluval?

How to Keep the Filter Working Continuously?

Meanwhile, you may have decided on the filter that suits your aquarium. But be sure, any of the filters won’t work properly if you aren’t conscious about their maintenance. 

To make the filter work smoothly and continuously, you should maintain some points strictly. Let me help you in this case.

  • First of all, keep the filter clean always. Any type of debris should not be accumulated in that. To avoid this problem, clean the filter regularly.
  • Check the impeller, hose, and other filter media properly so that they also remain clean. If you find any broken parts, change them immediately and insert a new one.
  • The water flow level should be adjusted to the filter. Low or higher flow levels can interrupt the activities of the filter.
  • Try to keep the aquarium surroundings clean which is important for the fish’s health.

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Fluval or Eheim: Who has better customer support for filters?

In this case, I must say that both of the customer service are genuine and they receive their customers cordially. If you are confused about them, you can check the reviews on different sites.

Can I use these filters in freshwater and saltwater aquariums?

Yeah! You can. But before installing, you should check the manufacturer’s recommendations to have a safe and suitable setup as their models can vary from tank to tank.

Are spare parts readily available for both Fluval and Eheim filters?

Yeah! Both of the filters offer extra parts. But sometimes, some models may lack updated spare parts. Hence, you should check them properly if needed.

Final Words

Well, I am at the last portion and I have described all the things that I know about these two filters. 

I must say that both of them are my favorite filters. They are unique in their ways by different types of efficiency and so I can rely on both of them to ensure good health for my fish.

Hence, consider all the factors related to your aquarium that I mentioned and choose your canister filter fast.

Howard Parker

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