Fluval Evo 5 Stocking Guide: All in One!

Got yourself a new Fluval Evo 5 but don’t know the stocking measurement? It’s alright! Aquarium bundle stocking is often confusing for beginners.

So, How to do the Fluval Evo 5 stocking?

Start with adding cleaning fishes like hermit crabs and shrimps. Try to have small fish. Bigger fishes are difficult to maintain. Keeping enough space for all the species living inside is crucial while stocking. So add your corals and rocks according to the aquarium size. Using soft corals is preferred. 

All these might seem a bit complicated but with a little help, anyone can do it. We have prepared a detailed guideline to help you with stocking your Fluval Evo 5.

So without any delay, let’s jump to the main part!

Stocking Guide For Fluval Evo 5

You may be wondering what is the ideal type and amount of stock for Fluval Evo 5? Having the right amount of stock is important as you want to provide enough space for all your inhabitants as well as coral and rock space.

It’s crucial to know what to stock and how much you’ll need to make sure your tank is growing properly. However, if you take your time and are realistic, this doesn’t have to be tough.

So let’s take a look at some of the ideal types of stock and how much to keep. We will demonstrate this with a 3 step guide for optimizing your stock.

Step 1: Choose Natural Cleanup Crew

Choose Natural Cleanup Crew

If you’re wanting to contain any livestock then we recommend a variety of clean upgrades. Things like a hermit crab and shrimp are a great addition to have in the tank. They can be a great cleanup crew in the system.

You could even add fish like a pair of clowns, lennies, or a gobi. But do be conscious of the size of the tank. So nothing too big and no large species.

Having a variety of cleanup crews as well as some smaller fish species is the perfect amount to keep. And these can all live in harmony with each other without fighting for space or food.

Step 2: Choose The Perfect Coral Type

Have you wondered, What Is The Perfect Size For Corals in Fluval Evo 5?

If you want to serve more in keeping corals then it’s best to keep soft corals in the system. Such as xenia and mushrooms. Leathers like a Kenya tree or GSPs. Soft corals are recommended as they are great started corals and perfect to keep in Fluval Evo.

It’s also great for LPS corals but only consider this if your tank has been matured for some time.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have enough room for all your corals. It’s a good idea to slowly build up your coral collection. But ensuring you have enough room and no overcrowding.

if you do want to keep SPS corals then consider upgrading the lighting. This way you’re providing your SPS corals are getting the correct amount of lighting for them to thrive.

Step 3: Choose the Perfect Rocks

Rocks are another essential, mainly live rock. As they provide beneficial bacteria to help your tank grow in bioactivity. Which will help with coral coloration and growth.

So, Which Rocks Should Be Used in Fluval Evo 5?

We recommend royal reef rocks as they have already been seeded in a greenhouse to increase their bioactivity. When it comes to stocking and how much is the best amount to have, the best guideline is 10 to 20 percent of your tank literature.

As this is a 52-liter tank we’re using between five to six kilos of rock and this gives us the perfect amount of balance and space. Enough room for your fish and invertebrates to live as well as enough space for your corals.

Why Should You Buy Fluval Evo 5?

Why Should You Buy Fluval Evo 5?

One of the best things about the Fluval Evo is the maintenance is really low. A once-a-week water change and consistent feeding for your fish and invertebrates are almost all you need to do.

So, Is Fluval Evo 5 a Good Choice?

The Fluval Evo 5 is a great choice for any of your nano reefing desires. And this aquarium set offers everything you need to get started. It can be the perfect tank for beginners as well as anyone looking for a compact design.

To display on top of any counters or desktops. Whilst it might seem like a small tank, nothing will be compromised when it comes to performance.

We have gathered a few more items like the Fluval Evo 5. You might wanna check these out as well. (Our pick: Fluval Sea Evo V Saltwater Fish Tank Aquarium Kit)

These aquarium bundles are such a great all-in-one complete setup. Especially if you are a beginner.

The Fluval Evo 5 includes an integrated lighting system that increases its usefulness and attractiveness. The system is good for observing in the dark and is strong enough to illuminate the entire tank.

This lighting system promotes coral development in addition to its aesthetic advantages. It is surely the perfect complement to a reef tank. This light’s simple on and off button is easily accessible from the tank’s roof and will greatly simplify tank maintenance.

Additional Suggestions

We’ll end our discussion by providing you with some additional tips for your tank. They are as follows:

  • Upgrading things like pump lighting or filter media can be a great idea. Especially if you want to have different types of corals. That needs a stronger flow overall. This is a really simple and easy tank to maintain and display. 
  • Have a few cleanup crew and smaller fish. Choose soft corals and slowly add them to the tank. 
  • Also, make sure you have enough space around your rock. These are all important things to consider when setting up one of these. But with that said all of these elements are straightforward.

Knowing what to stock and how much you’ll need is vital. Especially in ensuring your tank is developing in the right direction. But this doesn’t need to be difficult. And it really comes down to taking your time and being realistic.


How Many Saltwater Fish In A 13-Gallon Tank Is Okay?

You could also be wondering how many fish your aquarium can hold effectively. While many factors influence the answer. A good guideline is to supply your aquarium with no more than 12 an inch of full-grown adult fish. For per gallon of water.

Does My Saltwater Tank Need Live Rock?

Any successful saltwater aquarium is built on live rock. Which also serves as the foundation for saltwater aquarium decorations. Consider making your personal live rock to personalize your tank. Instead of spending money on real live rock. Live rock is essential for saltwater aquarium decoration.

Do I Add The Cleaning Team Or The Fish First?

You should add the cleanup crew as soon as the cycle is over. Especially If you cycle your saltwater tank with live rock. As most saltwater aquarium keepers do before you add fish.


Now you should have a clear understanding of Fluval Evo 5 stocking after going through the article. Hopefully, the article could clear up all your confusion.

Remember to keep the water clean to ensure good health for your fish.

Till next time, best of luck!

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