Fluval 207 Vs 307: The Differences

In terms of appearance and functionality, the Fluval 207 and 307 Series Cassette Filters are extremely comparable. The most recent version also has strength and dependability.

So, fluval 207 vs 307?

The 307 version has a few small mechanical upgrades. This makes it simpler for you to clear the filter anytime you need to. If you’re having problems choosing between the two variables of canister filters. We strongly advise purchasing the 307 filters well over the earlier 207 ones.

If you’re having trouble deciding which of the two to buy. Then you have come to the proper place.

Let’s get going!

Fluval 207 And Fluval 307: Quick Comparison

The Fluval 207 and 307 line of tank filters is among the most popular series. Till now whichever filtration has ever been produced. They integrate dependability and power, much like their predecessors, but with more use and versatility.

Here we have some comparisons gathered together:


Fluval 207

Fluval 307

Size of Tank20 to 45 Gallons40 to 70 Gallons
Proportion19.05 centimeters in length by 17.78 centimeters in width by 41.91 centimeters in height.24.13 centimeters in length by 17.78 centimeters in width by 41.91 centimeters in height
Pump Efficiency206 gallons per hour.303 gallons per hour
Filter Motion121 gallons per hour206 gallons per hour

Let’s go into the specifics now that you are aware of some of the fundamental features of the fluval 207 and 307.

Fluval 207 Vs 307: Detailed Comparison

Comparison Between Fluval 207 And Fluval 307

Both of the Fluval 207 and 307 seem to be the same at first look. However, when you look more closely, you can distinguish between the two.

So it’s crucial to understand the finer points while selecting the right one.

Size of Tank

The distinctive cube-shaped aquariums in the Fluval Edge series make keeping fish an amazing visual experience. The Edge’s revolutionary housing module hides all necessary equipment, resulting in a straightforward.

It gives a minimalist appearance that gives the observer a clear, unimpeded view of the aquarium.

The Fluval 07 series is the company’s seventh iteration of their top-selling canister filter family in the last four decades.

Its small size makes it ideal for places with maybe constrained space, such as offices or flats.

Fluval 207

For tanks up to 220 l, The Fluval 207 has the strength and dependability you’ve come to expect. Which is from an industry pioneer in aquatic filtration. As well as a number of innovative performance enhancements that give it up to 25% quieter. 

Its maximum capacity is 45 gallons. It is more resilient, energy-efficient, adaptable, and simpler to operate than before. Twenty to forty-five gallons of aquariums may use the 207 Canister Filter.

The Fluval 207 Outside Aquarium Filter is highly effective. It is a fully functional, and extremely quiet external filter. The Fluval 207 is incredibly pleasant due to a number of innovative elements.

Like the enhanced suction aid, the redesigned prefilter, and the revised feet.

Fluval 307

For tanks up to 330 l, the Fluval 307 Exterior Aquarium Filter is highly potent. This is a fully featured, and very silent external filter. Additionally, it has a number of new performance enhancements that enable it to be more than 30% quieter.

Its maximum capacity is 70 gallons. It is also more powerful, adaptable, and user-friendly than ever before. The Fluval 307 is particularly pleasant due to a number of innovative elements.

Like the enhanced suction assist as well as the redesigned prefilter.

The Proportion

Fluval 307 is bigger than Fluval 207. So, their dimensions also vary.

Fluval 207

Its length is 19.05 centimeters, width is 17.78 centimeters, and 41.91 centimeters in height. In inches: 7.5 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 16.5 inches high.

Fluval 307

Its length is 24.13 centimeters, width is 17.78 centimeters, and 41.91 centimeters in height. In inches: 9.5 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 16.5 inches high.

Pump Efficiency

Long-lasting pumping capacity and pressure are produced by a strong motor. Fluval’s eTEC (Efficient Technology) project uses state-of-the-art design.

Its materials and manufacturing techniques provide high pump performance with minimal energy usage and ultra-quiet operation.

Its strong motor produces continuous pumping force and pressure that lasts throughout time. Now let’s talk about Fluval’s motor:

Fluval 207

Up to a 220L size freshwater or saltwater aquarium, the Fluval 207 exterior filter pump is appropriate. Its maximum capacity is 780 liters per hour.

Fluval 307

Up to a 330L size freshwater or saltwater aquarium, the Fluval 307 exterior filter pump is appropriate. Its maximum capacity is 1150 liters per hour.

Filter Motion

filter system of Fluval 207

The Motor, Impellor, and Strainer Basket are the three primary components of the Pump (Pump Basket). Skimmers and the main drain take water into the strainer basket. Where any debris is gathered before entering the pump.

To avoid blockage and ensure adequate water flow, the bucket should be cleaned.

As well as emptied on a regular basis. To force the water through the Pump, Filter, and whatever other pieces of equipment, the impeller generates pressure.

Fluval 207

The maximum capacity of filter circulation of Fluval 207 is 458 liter per hour.

Fluval 307

The maximum capacity of filter circulation of Fluval 307 is 780 liters per hour.

Final Verdict

According to all of the aspects, Fluval 307 is far ahead of Fluval 207. So, if you need less capacity then you can choose the Fluval 207. Otherwise, you have to choose Fluval 307.

Choosing Fluval 307 will be a wise decision. Because you may not need higher capacity right now. But in the near future, you may need it.


How Frequently Should The Fluval 207 Filter Be Cleaned?

Maintenance of filters is crucial. Fluval filters are made to quickly and easily give access to the mechanical media for washing. So be sure to do this often (at least once per month) to prevent organic contaminants from lowering water quality. Also harming the biological and chemical media.

Can A Fish Tank Filtration Be Very Powerful?

A fish tank purifier that is excessively strong might harm the environment of the aquarium. This element needs to have sufficient strength to oxidize the water and maintain the tank clean. The stream can be too strong if your fish have trouble swimming or if the water is excessively choppy.

How Frequently Should I Replace The Water In Fish Tanks?

Every week, ten to twenty percent of water must be changed. Increase it by 20% each week if the tank is overstocked. Two weeks is the maximum amount of time for consecutive water changes for a tank with light stockings since you don’t want to stress your fish.

Final Words

We have come to an end now. So, by now you have much knowledge regarding Fluval 207 vs 307.

Both of the Fluvals provide everything you need. You have to determine whether you only need a higher capacity or the lower one.

Review each of the topics once again. Then, determine again whatever Fluval you need.

Have a great day! We’ll talk shortly.

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