Coral Rx VS Revive: Which One To Choose

Coral Rx and Revive both are coral cleaners and are used worldwide to protect the aquarium ecosystem. Coral Rx is used for the treatment of corals that are injured and damaged by parasites and bacteria. It attacks the parasites and other bacteria and destroys them. Revive is used for preventing stress symptoms and removing parasites. It is also effective for various types of infections.

As they have similar usefulness, sometimes people become confused to choose the better one. If you want to choose a comparatively better one between Coral Rx and Revive coral cleaner, it is important to analyze the two products.

Have no experience with coral deeper? Don’t worry. In this article, I will help you to choose the best one for the better environment of your aquarium. So why the delay?

Quick Comparison Between Coral Rx And Revive



Coral Rx


Ingredients Distilled water and proprietary blend of natural extracts.Oleum abietis, a resinous substance extracted from fir bark and citrus lemon.
RemovesAll kinds of parasites and bacteria.Cleaning lives stony and soft corals, zoanthids, and anemones.
Manufacture Aquatic Specialties, LLC Two Little Fishies

What Is Coral Deeper?

clean coral with coral cleaner

Coral Rx and Revive are both coral deeper and they remove parasites and destroy bacteria from the coral. Depending on your product, they target some specific parasites and bacteria and kill them.

There are many types of coral cleaners available in the market. Most of them contain diethylene glycol monobutyl ether, d-Limonene, isopropanol, oleum abietis, a resinous substance extracted from fir bark and citrus lemon, and such types of chemicals.

The Coral cleaner is always a good thing to protect your coral from parasites and bacteria. You can use it whenever you want and it’s quite easy to use. 

But the most important thing is that you have to be careful about the chemical composition. Many types of coral deeper are available in the market which contain toxic compounds. If you have no idea about them they will do severe damage to your coral. So you have to choose a coral cleaner that contains water and coral-friendly substances. 

Detail Comparison Between Coral Rx And Revive

Coral Rx and Revive Comparison


Coral Rx

Coral Rx contains distilled water and a proprietary blend of natural extracts. Do you know what distilled water is? Water that has been heated into vapor and then condensed back into liquid in a different container. Distilled water is purified water and safe for animals. So, these ingredients ensure safe use.

A mixture of substances is referred to as a “proprietary blend” if all of the ingredients are listed but not the precise quantity. And that ingredient contains no iodine. Coral RX also does not contain any oxidizers to avoid toxicity.


Revive contains 0.5% of oleum abietis, a resinous substance extracted from fir bark, and 0.5% of citrus lemon. All those ingredients are natural and not dangerous for animals. Oleum abietis is a natural oil – produced by a tree. It is a very effective antibacterial that eliminates the bacteria from coral.

Citrus limon has important medicinal properties. Citrus lemon can balance the pH level of water. Fir bark maintains antioxidant activity.

All the chemical compounds used in Revive are safe and effective. The manufacturer never hides any ingredients used in this product.


Coral Rx

Coral Rx is a very popular coral deeper that is used widely in the world. The specialty of Coral Rx is that it’s effective in various coral-related problems.

Coral Rx can remove parasites like Acropora eating flatworms, montipora eating nudibranchs, zoanthid eating spiders, red flatworms, etc. All these parasites are dangerous for coral and they can do severe damage.

Coral Rx is also used in the treatment of filamentous hair algae, rapid tissue necrosis, slow tissue necrosis, and bacterial infection like problems. And for working on these purposes,  coral Rx doesn’t need iodine or any oxidizer.


For cleaning live stony and soft corals, zoanthids, and anemones, revive coral cleaner is used. It is a plant-extract-based surface cleaning dip. You may use it to clean live coral for all general purposes.

It is created for all common live coral cleaning needs including rinsing recently fragmented corals and acclimating live corals to aquariums.

You have to remember one thing: Revive is not a drug and is not meant to be used in lieu of any drug. Not to be used to clean the home. Not for ingestion by humans.


Coral Rx

Using Coral Rx is not so tough. First, you have to shake the Coral Rx bottle. Then add the dosage specified on the package of the product that you purchased to 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of aquarium saltwater.

Mix it very well. Keep the water moving with a modest power head while adding coral to the coral dip. Coral in the coral dip can be gently shaken if you don’t have a power head. 

For five to ten minutes, let coral in the coral dip. Remove the coral and discard the coral dip after 5 to 10 minutes. Reusing the coral dip could cause parasites to produce toxins. Return the coral to the tank after giving it a good saltwater rinse. Avoid putting Coral Rx straight into the aquarium.

You should not use these products on fish, shrimp, crabs, snails, clams, or other invertebrates. It is still unproven the effectiveness of coral Rx on Acropora Red Bugs.


Using revive coral cleaner is easy also. But you have to carefully handle the job. For every gallon of fresh saltwater in a bucket or other suitable container, combine 4 capfuls (40 ml) with Revive.

Then use an air stone to gently agitate the mixture for a few minutes as you wash the coral. Coral should be taken out of the Revive/saltwater mixture and placed in a saltwater tank with a moderate water flow after the bath.

Revive/saltwater can be used a second time to clean numerous corals, but after an hour, it should be discarded. The product is also effective to revive injured or damaged coral.


Coral Rx

The brand name of Coral Rx is blue ocean corals and the name of the manufacturer is deepwater aquatics distribution. August 19, 2004, is the date when coral Rx was first available on the market. 

It was designed to protect coral health. It contains no iodine to avoid toxicity. The product’s length is 18 inches, width 5 inches, and height also 5 inches. The weight of the total item is 14.4 ounces.


Revive coral cleaner is manufactured in the United States and the manufacturer name is Two Little Fishies. It was first available in the market on October 19, 2006. 

The height of the product is 7 inches, the width is 2.7 inches, and the height is also 2.7 inches. The total weight of the item is 0.32 ounces. 

The brand name of Revive coral cleaner is Two Little Fishes. The product is very easy to use and has great value.


Coral Rx

Coral Rx is very effective at removing Acropora Eating Flatworms, Montipora Eating Nudibranchs, bristleworms, Zoanthid Eating Spiders, and Red Flatworms from the coral. It can also be used to treat bacterial infections, tissue necrosis, and hair algae in corals.

You must appreciate that Coral RX doesn’t include any chemicals, including iodine, that can affect corals. The product is very friendly to the corals and has no negative effects because it is created with just natural extracts and distilled water


Before adding new creatures to the aquarium or after making fresh frags, Revive Coral Cleaner can be applied. It stops the signs and symptoms of stress and gets rid of any parasites we might have unintentionally brought in.

It is sometimes used as a treatment for infections and parasites. It is suitable for usage with SPS, LPS, Anemones, and Zoanthids.

Which one to choose?

It is a bit difficult to choose any one product. It will largely depend on your needs. You have to choose any one between the two products based upon their qualities.

If your corals are infected with parasites and bacteria or have filamentous hair algae, rapid tissue necrosis, and slow tissue necrosis like problems then you can choose Coral Rx to protect your corals.

You can choose to Revive coral cleaner for general purposes like coral cleansing or as a part of adaptation to the aquarium when corals are just received.  However, whichever you choose, both products are safe and effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Does Coral Rx Have Iodine?

No. Coral Rx does not contain iodine or any type of component that harms the animals. It contains distilled water and safe components.

What Is The Best Coral Dip?

Coral Rx and Revive Coral Cleaners both are very effective for coral deeper. All the ingredients used in these two are safe and do not harm animals.


In this article, I have presented a comparison between the Coral Rx and Revive. Now it’s your turn.  Read the article and decide which product is more convenient for you or which one you like more.

Hopefully, the article is useful for you. Lastly, do not use any products that are harmful to animals and destroy the ecosystem of your aquarium. 

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