Colt Coral vs Kenya Tree: Which One Is Better?

Coral is a beautiful thing to keep in an aquarium. You can take Kenya or Colt if you want to keep it. These two are almost the same.

Now come to the quarry, Colt coral vs Kenya tree, which one is best?

Two important points are the care level and price. A colt coral comes in exchange for a high amount. But Kenya tree is very cheap. But you need to give more effort to Kenya tree. Extra food and cleaning should be given on time. Water flow should be high. But the colt needs only high light.

That’s not the end. We have discussed more in our article. You will get a clear idea if you go through our article.

Colt Coral vs Kenya Tree-Short Comparison

Colt Coral vs Kenya Tree Comparison

Colt coral and Kenya tree are almost similar. It is very difficult to differentiate them by their external appearance. But sometimes the color and structure are so similar that you can not even identify them.

We have some points which can help you to choose one. Height, color, tissue, and their requirements are quite different from each other. Take a glance at the following table-


FactorsColt CoralKenya Tree
ColorCreamy White-greyPink or green
Height16 inch16 inch
Price$129.99 to 229.99$37.99 to 89.99
Light LevelModerate-HighLow-Moderate
Water FlowMediumModerate-High
FeedingNo needYes

This table is only for you if you are in a hurry. But if you want to make a proper decision then read the whole article.

Extended Comparison Between Colt Coral and Kenya Tree

You can go through this extended comparison to know about the care level. They both need different requirements. By this extended comparison, you can get an idea about their demand.


Tissue is the building block of every living thing. It gives shape and structure. Tissue can form the body either soft or hard. Growth also depends on tissue. If the tissue can multiply more then the growth will be faster.

Kenya trees are made up of hard tissue. So overall the external structure also becomes hard. Is Kenya tree coral toxic? Yes. Kenya tree contains little toxicity in every tissue. The colt coral tissue is soft. Overall colt coral is soft to the touch. Is colt coral toxic? Soft tissues are also toxins in nature.


Every structure feels soft, hard, slimy, or abrasive. Any of these characteristics must be present.

Colt coral is one type of leather coral. It should be dry to the touch. But colt coral feels slimy to the touch. On the other hand, the Kenya tree is a web-like structure and is hard to touch. They are abrasive.


Color is the only external feature that you can identify only by seeing. Color depends on its origin. You can differentiate their species by their color.

Colt coral is mainly creamy white-gray. But you might find some greenish-brown colt coral. They are very rare. On the other hand, the Kenya trees are mainly pink or neon green. This color is the most common. The off-white color is also available.


Height can be a visible difference. But here these two are the same height. Both are 16 inches. How fast do Kenya tree corals grow? Kenya trees grow fast. A related question, how fast do colt coral corals grow? Colt coral grows very fast.

As the Kenya coral has faster growth so they drop branches. So you need to clean the aquarium more. In the case of colt coral, you can frag them after certain times.


Price is the most important part. It can change your decision within a second if the price doesn’t match your budget. The colt coral is sold in a high amount. It is because you need not take care of it more. You can get it if your budget is between $129.99 and 229.99.

But if you don’t want to pay more then go for Kenya Tree. But raise your care level. You need to cut only $37.99 to 89.99 for it.

Light Level

Light is very important for photosynthesis. Kenya and colt coral lead their lives through the photosynthetic process. Their main source of food is light. But light requirements are different from each other.

Colt coral needs a moderate-high level of light. They can only live through photosynthetic processes. For that reason, they need the light more. On the contrary, Kenya has low-moderate light.

Water Flow

Water movement is an important factor for growth. Water bears nutrients, food, and oxygen. It helps to remove waste products as well. The cleaning process is sometimes automatically done by water.

Colt coral needs medium water flow. It can maintain its diet by photosynthesis. It does not need so much cleaning. Kenya trees need moderate to high water flow. It demands extra food. So the water flow must be high or moderate.


Corals are mainly free from feeding. They can live without supplements. Growth will not resist if you are not giving them extra food.

But the Kenya tree needs supplements. If you are not giving them supplements for a long time, they must be stressed. You sometimes need to feed planktons to stony Kenya. We have some suggestions about the supplements of the Kenya tree below.

  • Reef Phytoplankton

The colt coral does not need any target feeding. But you can give them calcium or some other supplement for their betterment. But this is not mandatory. If you want to give then do it after a long period.

We have tried to explain the points most possible. The two corals are beautiful and almost look alike. No one will disappoint you in the case of beautification.

Final Verdict

We have discussed each point. If you want to buy anyone then it’s up to your choice. You need to high up the lights for the colt coral. But in the case of the Kenya tree, the water flow must be high most of the time.

Also, you have to give the supplements regularly to Kenya. But if you forget to give a supplement to the colt, it will not bother you. But the cost is low for Kenya trees. Now you can go for anyone.


Do Kenya Tree Corals Sting Other Corals?

Kenya tree corals sting other corals. They resist the other corals’ growth. By sting, they can get nutrition as well. This process can kill the other coral.

Where Do I Put My Kenya Tree?

You can put your Kenya tree in the middle third of the aquarium. In this position, they will get moderate light. You need an exposed rock to keep it in this position. You can use IC gel glue to keep it in a fixed position.

Where Do I Put My Colt Coral?

You can put your colt coral on the bottom two thirds of the aquarium. You should give several inches of space for its growth. As it grows very fast, you need to cut off it regularly. You need a rock to keep it in a fixed position.


That’s all about today’s topic of Colt coral vs Kenya tree. Hope the information will help you to get the best choice. You have to pay a lot of money for colt but take care a little.

Kenya can be the best option if you can take care of it properly.

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