Chemiclean vs Red Slime Remover: Which to Choose?

Red slime removal is a necessary thing for every aquarium lover. But when the question comes of choosing between Chemiclean and Red Slime Remover, people become very confused.

Both of them are so good at their work. But still, there are some differences between them.

So, what are the differences between Chemiclean and Red Slime Remover?

If we start with the proper clarification of the aquarium and cost then Chemiclean is better. Whereas, you also have to change the water if you are going with Red slime. Red slime doesn’t even require the removal of Chemi-pure or Carbon Filtration. But, it kills the beneficial bacterias and Chemiclean doesn’t.

Wait, there are many more to share with you! That’s just a quick overview. Come and let’s unravel the amazing comparison guideline!

Chemiclean vs Red Slime Remover: 7 Root Differences

Both the Chemiclean and Red Slime reviews are good and impressive. Then what are the things that make them different?

Well, there are many things like that. And these dissimilarities are also some kind of main points for many more people. As a result, these dissimilarities can help you to choose the better one.

Let’s have a quick look at the basic differences between them through the table below.

Basic FeaturesChemicleanRed Slime Remover
PriceFor 300 gallons of water, around $17For 300 gallons of water, around $ 28
Killing ProcedureOxidationAntimicrobial activity
Water Change Necessary to doNot Necessary
Removal of Chemi-pure or Carbon FiltrationNeed to remove it for at least 24 hoursNo need for any removal
Clarification of aquariumCan clean aquarium water to crystal clearCannot clean aquarium water
Types of Killed bacteriaOnly harmful onesBoth harmful and beneficial ones
State of UV Sterilizer or OzonizerNeed to Turn offNeed to turn on

The table above can only help you have a short idea about their differences. But a broad and detailed comparison between them can help you decide in a better way.

Chemiclean vs Red Slime Remover: Detailed Comparison

Comparison between Chemiclean and Red Slime Remover

Now it’s time for you to know the differences in detail. Here I have explained all of the differences in detail and their importance too. It’s time to make a start!


Price is a very important feature in order to buy anything.

The prices of Chemiclean depend on its amount. If you buy a Chemiclean for your 300-gallon aquarium water, then it can cost you around $17. The more you want, the more it will cost you.

Red Slime Remover is also a pricey product. If you want it buy a Red slime remover, perfect for your 300-gallon aquarium water. Then it can cost you up to $28. 


Red slime with remover is costlier than Chemiclean according to their use for the same quantity.

Killing Procedure

The killing procedure of both of them is effective but still, there are some differences between them. Let’s know them.

Chemiclean kills the red slime through oxidation. In this process, they limit the photosynthesis process. For this, the level of dissolved oxygen increases in the water. It also makes the aerobic bacteria stronger.

Because of low photosynthesis and their strong enemy, aerobic bacteria, the red slime eventually dies. It can take up to 48 hours for the best results.

And for best results, you can also keep an air stone in the aquarium before the procedure. There are no harmful things in the Chemiclean ingredients.

Red Slime Remover works through a unique process. The name of this process is antimicrobial activity. Red Slime Remover is actually nothing but an antibiotic.

It works in two steps. First, it blocks the nutrients from going to the bacteria. Because it helps in their vital processes and their living. Second, it prevents the growth or multiplication of those bacteria.

As a result, they can’t grow and because of fewer nutrients, they die too. It can also take up to 48 hours for the best results.


Both of the processes are effective but they adopt the opposite steps for killing them.

Water Change

After using Chemiclean and when the full treatment is complete, you should always change the aquarium water.

You should at least change 20% of the aquarium water. Chemiclean water change is a must step for everyone.

There are not any kind of instructions in the manual of the products to do any kind of water change after or before the procedure.


Water change is a must step for the Chemiclean, not for the Red Slime Remover.

Removal of Chemi-pure or Carbon Filtration

There are some machines in the aquarium. If you tend to follow any kind of treatment, then for some treatments you may need to remove or turn off them.

As Chemiclean works through oxidation, that’s why it’s very important to remove the carbon filtration and the chemi-pure.

You should do it before starting the treatment. You should keep them away from the aquarium for at least 24 hours.

Whereas, for red slime, you don’t need to remove carbon filtration or chemi pure to follow this treatment. There is no necessity for this part.


Removal of Carbon filtration or Chemi-pure is necessary for Chemiclean, not for Red Slime Remover.

Clarification of water

Chemiclean doesn’t only kill the red slime or cyanobacteria but also can clean the water. For this, the water becomes very crystal clear. It’s like a part of the regular maintenance of the aquarium.

As a result, you can get two benefits with a single one, killing red slime and clarification of water.

There is not any specific or clear information about the clarification of aquarium water by Red Slime Remover. So, it can be said that it can’t do this.


Chemiclean can do clarification of water but Red Slime Remover can’t.

Types of Killed Bacteria

Chemiclean only concentrates on killing red slime. They don’t clean the other bacteria. They even promote the growth of aerobic bacteria.

Red Slime Remover is an antibiotic. That’s why it kills all kinds of bacteria. It doesn’t care which kinds of bacteria they are.

They just target and kill them. There is no mention of this in the instructions.


Red Slime Remover kills all kinds of bacteria but Chemiclean only kills the harmful ones.

So, Which One Is Better?

Both of them can provide you with the best results.

But as you can see, if you buy a Red Slime Remover, you don’t need to remove or turn off any things or machines. As these are a great hassle before any treatment. And it also kills other harmful bacteria.

And if you buy Chemiclean, there are also some benefits of it. First of all, it is less expensive. It doesn’t kill the necessary bacteria. And it also helps you in the regular maintenance of water.

Hoping that you can choose according to the criteria you need. 

Red slime can also put some stains in the aquarium. So, to help you, here are some red slime stain removers for you. Hope this will be helpful for you.


What Should I Do To Remove Blue-Green Algae From The Tank?

You should follow some steps to remove them from your tank. First of all, reduce the sources of light, change the water partially, clean the tank always in a good way, avoid physical removal, and try using filter pads or treatments for the removal of phosphate. All these steps can help you see so.

What Is Red Slime?

Red slime is actually a kind of cyanobacteria. They are also very aggressive and unsightly. People sometimes refer to them as algae but they are not. They are commonly found when the water is salty. They can stay very easily if the water has a lot of nutrients and is in poor condition.

Can Vibrant Kill Red Slime?

Vibrant can kill red slime. But it adopts a special way of killing them. It takes help from multiple strains of bacteria. These bacteria target nitrates and other necessary nutrients. And then they prevent and ensure that none of these nutrients can reach the red slime. Thus they kill them.


We hope that you know now how to differentiate between Chemiclean vs Red Slime Remover. Choose according to the differences in their features and your needs.

That’s all. Hope you enjoyed our article. If you wanna know anything, you can ask us directly in the comment box.

Best wishes!

Howard Parker

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