Best Plants for Mystery Snails: Ideal Food and Shelter Choices

I always suggest my friends provide the best trees for mystery snails if they have any in their aquariums. Following this speech, sometimes they used to ask me about some common and best plants that they can introduce in their tanks for the snails.

However, mystery snails are popular freshwater aquarium snails known for their attractive appearance and different characteristics like the ability to help maintain the aquarium’s cleanliness. That’s why when it comes to choosing the best plants for mystery snails, it’s important to consider their specific needs. 

Plant NameBenefits for Mystery Snails
Java MossProvides a thick carpet-like structure, serves as a food source, and offers shelter and hiding places for snails.
Java FernAdapts to different light intensities attaches easily to rocks and decor, creates hiding spaces for snails, and enhances aquarium aesthetics.
HornwortAdapts to different water conditions offers delicate leaves for snail consumption and provides shelter for invertebrates and fish.
Water SpriteFast-growing plant, adds beauty to the aquarium, tolerates a wide range of light intensity, and creates hiding zones for fish and snails.
Amazon SwordDerives nutrients from substrates, adds a vibrant look to the aquarium, and serves as a hiding spot for snails while providing visual appeal to the tank.
Marimo Moss BallsEnhance tank beauty, provides oxygen and absorbs nitrogen, and serves as a food and shelter option for snails.

6 Best Plants for Mystery Snails That Provide Excellent Food and Shelter 

Best Plants for Mystery Snails

1.Java Moss

Firstly, let me tell you about “Java Moss”. It is a renowned aquatic plant having a unique appearance with branched and small stems in tiny densely covered leaves. It can provide a thick carpet-like structure in your aquarium due to its growth underwater. 

As well, it may provide enough food sources for your snails. On the other hand, it is versatile and provides enough benefits for your aquarium including shelter and hiding places for the fish and fry. If you need to check the algae growth, java moss can be a great choice for you. Most importantly, it is an easy-maintenance plant that won’t bother you much.

2. Java Fern

The next one is java fern. Java fern is one of the most preferable plants to me due to its dark green foliage. The narrow leaves are leathery having a slightly crinkled texture. The fact about Java fern that I like most is their adaptation to different types of light intensity. 

You can easily place it in the background or midground of the aquarium. It can be easily attached to the rocks and other decorative materials in the fish tanks. But it is better to keep the rhizome away from the substrate so that it may not rot. Like the java moss, it also creates enough hiding space for the fish.

3. Hornwort

My next suggestion is going to be hornwort. Compared to java moss and java fern plants, this plant can adapt to any watery condition like fully or partially submerged in the water tank. You can also consider this plant one of the best choices for mystery snails. 

The needle-like leaves are decorated in the stems which are arranged in a whorl in the main stem. The ribbon-like leaves present the tree with a feathery appearance that you will love. Due to its thin and delicate leaves, the snails also find them easy to have. It also provides shelters for the invertebrates and fish.

4. Water Sprite

Let me include a different type of plant now and that is water sprite. I will personally suggest you bring this plant not only for snails but also for decorating your aquarium. This plant resembles the fern frond a little. The leaves are green and finely divided. Most importantly, it is a fast-growing plant. That’s why you will get abundant foliage within a short time. 

There is a distinguishing character of this plant. Sometimes, the green leaves nay create red hues in them. It can tolerate a wide range of light intensity. Like the other plants, this will also create a favorable hiding zone for your fish in the aquarium. The red tint will also create a different look in your fish tank.

5. Amazon Sword 

You have heard of the Amazon sword plant, right? Now I am going to add this amazing creature to my list. It is renowned for its extraordinary outlook to most hobbyists like me. One of the most important things is this plant can derive its nutrients from the substrates. 

That’s why you need not be bothered much to care for it. But as they are fast-growing plants, you need to continue the pruning activities regularly, especially the yellow leaves. Apart from this issue, their broad green foliage will enchant you every time and will provide the aquarium with a vibrant look besides serving the snails.

6. Marimo Moss Balls

At the final point, I want to close this list by mentioning an algae species. But this algae will surprise you with its outstanding appearance. They are green and spherical-shaped algae. You can easily include them in your freshwater aquarium with the mystery snails.

Though their velvety structure depends mostly on the water current, they can survive easily in the aquarium. They will also serve the fish along with the snails as they supply oxygen and absorbs nitrogen. Hence, you can bring this without any hesitation to your aquarium. It will also enhance the beauty of your tank and will make you pleased.

Do Mystery Snails Always Eat Plants? 

Do Mystery Snails Always Eat Plants

No. There is confusion in this section that misleads the hobbyists most of the time. As you know, mystery snails are herbivorous. They live on decaying plant matter and soft aquatic vegetation like algae and other soft-leaved small plants. But there is a twist here.

If they don’t get enough food for their survival, they can have the above-mentioned plant leaves. At that time, they live on those plants and survive. Apart from this issue, they use plants for their hiding issues and shelter. Hence, I think, you are clear on this fact that mystery snails don’t only live on these plants but use them for their survival purpose. 

Final Thoughts 

Hence, these are all my descriptions in the case of the best plants for mystery snails. As they can eat at a huge range, you can put any of the plants in your aquarium considering your tank ecosystem as well as the outline that you maintain in your aquarium. 

But, when selecting plants, it’s important to ensure that they are compatible with your aquarium’s lighting, water parameters, and substrate. At the same time, be mindful of any potential plant-eating fish or snails that may coexist in the tank. These lives may damage or consume certain plant species.

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