Aquaclear 110 Impeller Noise [Reasons and Solutions]

Aquaclear 110 is basically a filtration system used in fish tanks that increases the quality of the water. When your impeller makes noise, it means that it’s not functioning properly.

So what are the causes of Aquaclear 110 impeller noise?

Your Aquaclear 110 impeller can clatter because of dried-out parts, loose plastic blades, or an accumulation of gravel. Also, the impeller shafts can get worn out and need some lubrication. Lastly, a loose connection can prevent the system perform in sync.

Are you still confused about the noise? Don’t worry.

This article will help you detect and solve your impeller noises. 

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Types of Noises

Now your aquarium filter impeller noise can be of many types. The most common types are the rattling noise, the unbearable humming noise, and the mechanical grinding noise. 

Rattling Noise

Sometimes the impeller will rattle when the lid isn’t closed properly. It sounds like something is stuck and hitting the impeller walls. A tightly-fit lid can make the whole thing smoother.

Humming Noise

Also, the humming sound becomes unbearable when it doesn’t stop. Sometimes it can make your head hurt after a while because of this subtle sound. These sounds don’t bother me much in the beginning, they become quite irritating after a while.

Mechanical Grinding Noise

Furthermore, there are impellers that give away a mechanical grinding noise out of nowhere. Sometimes the fishes get scared because of its vibrations. It feels like you are on a construction site or something.

Not only Aquaclear 110 but other impellers like Marineland Penguin 350 impeller noise is also unbearable too. These noises don’t let people concentrate on important things or even sleep peacefully.

And the worst part is that replacing the whole thing isn’t a solution in most cases. 

3 Reasons Behind the Noises

Don’t worry if you are tired of trying to find the real issue. Here I have discussed three main reasons and their solutions behind that awful noise.

Reason 1 of 3: Debris in the Impeller

Debris in the Impeller Aquaclear 110

Accumulation of debris in the impeller is very common. Sometimes sand or small rock gets stuck in there too. This prevents the impeller from moving smoothly and thus results in noises.

Solution: Clean the Impeller Thoroughly

The impeller needs to be cleaned. Make sure no debris is left behind in the impeller. And for that, the following steps will show you how to clean aquaclear impeller

  • First, remove the motor from the filter case. You can easily remove that with a simple twist. 
  • Remove the impeller from the impeller well carefully.
  • Now run it under a strong water flow so that the debris and small rocks flow away. The walls of the impeller can be quite an intimidating place to reach. You can use a small brush or similar things to clean up the dirt on the wall. 
  • After cleaning the impeller well, you can run your fingers around the walls. Make sure that you don’t feel anything and that the sides are smooth.

Lastly, never use any kind of soap or detergent to clean these parts. You can rinse them more than once but must avoid using these products. The chemical traces left in the aquarium can cause extreme harm to the fish. 

Reason 2 of 3: Dry Parts

When the parts of an impeller are dry, it disturbs the sound movement. We need to disassemble the parts and clean them with water.

After that use vaseline or similar lubricants on the shaft to increase mobility. Using silicon oil as a lubricant is the best. It does not cause any harm to your fish or shrimp. 

Solution: Lubricate the Metal Shaft of the Impeller

Firm lubrication will make the shaft slippery. This will ensure soundless movement of the impeller. Sometimes aqua clear 110 impeller shaft replacement won’t work. The following steps will teach you the ways of lubrication.

  • Gently take out the metal shaft from the impeller. Check if it has any major damage due to rust. Severely damaged shafts might need to be replaced. 
  • Now take a bit of Vaseline at one end of the shaft. Lubricate the bottom part where the shaft sits in with the end dipped in Vaseline. 
  • Similarly, lubricate the impeller hole with the vaseline-dipped shaft. Be generous here. Don’t stop until the shaft can glide easily. 
  • Now put the shaft inside first. Make sure it has seated steadily. After that, put some Vaseline inside the impeller and place it over the shaft. 
  • Reassemble the whole thing and install it back into your tub.

This solution can reduce the sound from a whopping 90 dB to only 30 dB. Yes, that’s how effective lubricating your shafts can be. 

Reason 3 of 3: Loose Plastic Blades

Loose Plastic Blades for Aquaclear 110 Impeller

Sometimes a loose plastic blade can cause an unpleasant sound. When the Aquaclear 110 motor starts, the loose blades start to collide with the holder. We can prevent that by tightening it using Teflon tape. 

Solution: Use Teflon Tape to Tighten the Blade

The blades are attached to a small metal part. We need to wrap that part with Teflon tape. This will tighten the blades. Do that following the rules below-

  • First, we need to remove the impeller from the motor. In order to do that, you can firmly hold the motor and turn it clockwise. Be extra careful while doing this because pressure can break these things. 
  • Now that you have access to the impeller, you can carefully remove it. Use your hand or a pair of clippers to lift it off. 
  • Gently pop the plastic impeller blades. The area where the blade is attached should be visible now.
  • Now you can take your Teflon tape and fold it lengthwise. Wrap it around the area, not more than twice. Also, ensure the top edge is slightly overlapped by the tape. 
  • Place the plastic blade back on the area with one pop. This time it should be much tighter and more rigid.

This should serve for a couple of years. Make sure to change it for a nearly sound-free experience. 


Can A Fish Survive Without A Water Filter?

A fish can survive a minimum of 3 days without a water filter. The maximum it can survive is seven days only. When fishes live in a closed environment, the surroundings normally become toxic. The water filters clean the toxins over and over again. That’s why water filters are essential. 

Are Aquaclear Filters Good?

Aquaclear filters are the world best selling filters. They are selling these filters with high longevity since 1978. The compact design makes it really easy to use. This has lured customers over time for sure. Also, they provide excellent filtration. 

Do Air Filters Bother The Fish’s Sleep?

The bubbles created by the air filters should not bother the fish. But the vibration and noise from a malfunctioning impeller might bother them. Therefore, it’s suggested to turn off the air filter during the night.


We’ve discussed every possible fix you can try if your Aquaclear 110 impeller noise doesn’t stop. Hoping this will help to resolve your issue.

Furthermore, the inconsiderate sound can be a nasty addition to your daily stress. This might hinder your work. Therefore, it needs to be taken care of for real.

Lastly, make sure to clean your impellers every 6 months. This will prevent the shafts from getting worn out and lessen the noise significantly.

Let us know in the comments below if you find this article helpful.

Stay safe!

Howard Parker

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